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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Sun solaris server auto reboots Post 13709 by mnjanje on Tuesday 22nd of January 2002 03:57:02 PM
Old 01-22-2002
Sun solaris server auto reboots

Hi Guys,
For the past month, our sun solaris server has rebooted itself 3 times. The sysadmin is saying that is not a sun issue and does not want to carry out any further research with sun about that. The db logfile does not show anything about any db issues at that time. I opened an oracle TAR and nothing helpfull came from it.
Has anyone ever had this issue?
Please help.
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capture-schema - stores the database metadata (schema) in a file for use in mapping and execution SYNOPSIS
capture-schema-dburl url-username name- password password-driver a_jdbc_driver [-schemaname name] [-table tablename]* [-out filename] Stores the database metadata (schema) in a file. You can also use the Sun Java System Studio IDE to capture the database schema. Run cap- ture-schema as the same database user that owns the tables, so that the -username and -schemaname options are given the same username. Additionally, you can grant the database user running the capture-schema command the ANALYZE ANY TABLE privilege. OPTIONS
-dburl JDBC URL expected by the driver for accessing a database. -username user name for authenticating access to a database. -password password for accessing the selected database. -driver JDBC driver classname in your CLASSPATH. -schemaname name of the user schema being captured. If not specified, the default will capture metadata for all tables from all the schemas accessible to this user. Specifying this parameter is highly recommended. If more than one schema is accessible to this user, more than one table with the same name may be captured which will cause problems. -table name of the table; multiple table names can be specified. -out output target; defaults to stdout. This parameter corresponds to the schema sub-element of the sun-cmp-mapping ele- ment in the sun-cmp-mapping_1_1.dtd file. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Using capture-schema capture-schema -dburl jdbc:oracle:thin:@sadbuttrue:1521:ora817 -schemaname cantiflas -username CANTIFLAS -password enigma -driver oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver asadmin(1M) Sun Java System Application Server March 2004 capture-schema(1m)

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