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Full Discussion: Numbering!
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Numbering! Post 13517 by Perderabo on Friday 18th of January 2002 10:01:05 AM
Old 01-18-2002
I would go with:
#! /usr/bin/ksh
typeset -Z3 n=0
while read line ; do
      print -r - "${n}${line#???}"
      ((n>999)) && n=0
exit 0


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ALE(1)																	    ALE(1)

ale - a synthetic capture engine and renderer SYNOPSIS
ale [OPTIONS] original-frame [supplemental-frames ...] output-file ale [HELP OPTIONS] ale --version DESCRIPTION
ALE is a free software synthetic capture engine and renderer accepting, as input, a sequence of image frames, and producing, as output, rendered images, registration data, and 3D models (currently experimental). EXAMPLES
ale --hu Print the help page on program usage. ale 001.ppm 002.ppm 003.ppm out.ppm Render output file out.ppm from inputs 001.ppm, 002.ppm, and 003.ppm. ale --scale 2 001.ppm 002.ppm 003.ppm out.png Render output file out.png at 2x scale. ale --perturb-upper=0 --trans-load=a.t --projective frame*.png out.png Render output file out.png from inputs frame*.png, using projective transformations as described in the file a.t. ale --3dv 0 out.png --projective frame*.png null: Render output file out.png from inputs frame*.png, using a 3D scene model to determine transformations. ale --visp last:sinc*lanc:6 sf:0 out/ .jpg in/*.jpg null: Render a video stream from files in/*.jpg to the directory out/, stabilizing to the first frame, with a lanczos-windowed sinc filter. USAGE
ale is a wrapper script that calls the executable ale-bin after extracting exposure EXIF information from image files (when the exiftool utility is available) and converting from raw formats (when the dcraw utility is available). When ale-bin has been linked with ImageMagick, input and output files may be of any kind supported by ImageMagick. Otherwise, only PPM files can be read and written by ale-bin. OPTIONS
OPTIONS are summarized via built-in help pages (see HELP OPTIONS below). More detailed manuals describing options and internal algorithms are available for certain versions of ALE. See SEE ALSO below for more details on other manuals. HELP OPTIONS
A listing of available help options can be obtained by invoking ale --hu. ENVIRONMENT
The wrapper script ale recognizes the following environment variables: ALE_BIN ALE executable to use. DCRAW dcraw raw extraction tool to use. EXIF_UTILITY EXIF extraction utility to use. ALE_COUNT_THREADS Displays statistics on thread counts when set to a non-zero value. PAGER Text pager to use (e.g., for displaying help pages). SEE ALSO
More detailed manuals for certain versions of ALE are distributed with source packages, and may also be available from: http://auricle.dyndns.org/ALE/manuals/ 03/31/2009 ALE(1)

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