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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Listing files older than 2 months Post 13471 by sharad_marathe on Thursday 17th of January 2002 01:12:10 PM
Old 01-17-2002
I will create one file with timestamp two months back and
search for newer files.


#touch -t 0112310000 /xyz
#find / -newer /xyz -print -exec ls -ls {} \;

Refer manual pages of touch and find for mor info

Hope it helps



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atprint(3)						       AtFS Toolkit Library							atprint(3)

atWriteStatus, atWriteMode, atWriteDate, atWriteName, atScanStatus - print and scan special attribute values SYNOPSIS
#include <atfs.h> #include <atfstk.h> char*atWriteStatus (Af_key *aso; int verbose); char*atWriteMode (Af_key *aso); char*atWriteDate (Af_key *aso, char *dateAttribute); char*atWriteName (Af_key *aso, char *path); int atScanStatus (char *statusStr); DESCRIPTION
atWriteStatus returns a string representation of Asos AF_STATE attribute. With the verbose argument TRUE, atWriteStatus returns a long (8 character) status name. Otherwise, on FALSE, it returns a one character short representation. The result value is a statically defined string in any case. atWriteMode generates a ls -l(1) like (e.g. -rwxr-xr-x) string representation of the AF_MODE attribute. It returns its result in static memory, which will be overwritten on subsequent calls. atWriteDate produces a date string from the given dateAttribute to be used for ls -l(1) like output (e.g. Jan 8 11:07 or Jul 10 1992). The format of the date string depends on the value of the date attribute. The string is always 12 characters long and begins with the month and day. For dates younger than 6 months, the third field is the time, for dates older than 6 months, the year. The result string resides in static memory, which will be overwritten on subsequent calls. atWriteName generates a bound pathname from path and aso. atScanStatus converts an status string to an internal numeric status value. It understands various abbreviations, including the one charac- ter status strings generated by atWriteStatus. .BUGS The format switch in afWriteDate (for dates older than six months) does not happen at exactly the right time. It may be a few days later. AtFStk-1.12 Fri Jun 25 16:39:43 1993 atprint(3)

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