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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Mouse settings Post 12863 by thehoghunter on Tuesday 8th of January 2002 09:32:35 AM
Old 01-08-2002
It matters what your OS is. Please provide what operating system you are using and what type of GUI interface.

If Solaris and CDE, right click the mouse when on the background - click Tools - Sytle Manager - Mouse.
Solaris and Openwin - right click mouse on background - choose Properties. In new window (Workspace Properties) click on tab next to color. Choose mouse.

If RedHat and Gnome - Click on the foot, go to Settings, Peripherals, and mouse.

If not either of these, let us know which OS and GUI
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xudced(1)						      General Commands Manual							 xudced(1)

xudced - user-defined character editor SYNOPSIS
xudced [udc_file [WIDTHxHEIGHT]] DESCRIPTION
xudced is an editor that creates, modifies, and deletes user-defined characters (UDC). It uses bitmap(1) to edit UDC character patterns. Character patterns from existing HP Asian fonts can be modified to create UDCs. xudced runs on the X Window System, Version 11. If udc_file is not specified, the file $HOME/.nlio_udc is read. WIDTHxHEIGHT sets the size of UDC pattern. This can be specified by the udc_width and the udc_height resources. If it is not specified, 24x24 is used. Menu Functions are selected with pull-down menus. To select a function, move the mouse pointer to the menu header. Press and hold the left mouse button. A pull-down menu appears. Drag the mouse pointer down to the desired function and release the mouse button. Functions with the ... suffix invoke a pop-up box that requests further information. The following functions are available: File Open ... Open a file for editing. A pop-up box appears. Enter the file name and the size of the UDC and click OK to display the file. Click Cancel to abort the function. Open font ... Open an HP font and display its contents in another window. A pop-up box appears. Enter the HP font name and click OK to display the font. Click Cancel to abort the function. Save Save UDCs to the file. They are sorted by index number according to the udc(4) format. Exit Exit xudced. If the UDCs have been changed since the last Save, a pop-up box appears. Click yes to save the UDCs before exiting. Click no to exit without saving. Click cancel to abort the function. Edit To edit a particular UDC, move the mouse pointer to the UDC, click the left mouse button, and select an Edit function. These functions can be selected from the Edit menu header, or by clicking and dragging the right mouse button while in the edit window. Cut Remove the selected UDC and store it in the Cut&Paste buffer. Copy Copy the selected UDC to the Cut&Paste buffer. Paste Insert the contents of the Cut&Paste buffer. Delete Remove the selected UDC. Search ... Search a UDC. A pop-up box appears. Enter the index number of the UDC and click OK to search the UDC. Click Cancel to abort the function. Modify pattern ... Invoke bitmap(1) to modify the character pattern of the selected UDC. View Code ... Display the index code and the character pattern for all UDCs in the file. A new window appears that dis- plays the index codes and the character patterns. Click Close to close the window. Cut buffer ... Display the contents of Cut&Paste buffer. A new window appears. Click Close to close the window. Cut&Paste Buffer The contents of the Cut&Paste buffer is shared among windows. Therefore, the Cut, Copy, and Paste functions can be used to move character patterns between windows. X Defaults xudced uses the following resources: background background color. foreground foreground color. font text font. udc_width default width of UDC. udc_height default height of UDC. REMARKS
In Japanese environment, two main windows are invoked. One is for the udc of JIS X 0208 font, and the other is for the udc of JIS X 0212 font. SEE ALSO
bitmap(1), udcc(1), udcload(1), udc(4). xudced(1)

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