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Full Discussion: Daemon process
Top Forums Programming Daemon process Post 12304 by Perderabo on Wednesday 26th of December 2001 09:27:31 AM
Old 12-26-2001
This has been discussed. If you had used this site's search function you would have found this post.

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icapd(1M)																 icapd(1M)

icapd - Instant Capacity (iCAP) daemon. SYNOPSIS
The (formerly ) daemon is installed and started as part of the Instant Capacity software on all potential iCAP systems, and respawns itself if killed. If this daemon is not running, other Instant Capacity commands fail. The operations this daemon performs are vital in keeping the complexwide view of the Instant Capacity state current. The following entry is added to /etc/inittab in order to have start and respawn itself: icap:23456:respawn:/usr/lbin/icapd # Instant Capacity daemon This daemon is not started on hardware that is not supported under the Instant Capacity program. If is installed and running on a system with Instant Capacity components present (cores, cells, or memory), it sends daily asset report email to HP (if so configured), tracks tem- porary capacity, sends exception notifications, and maintains a healthy Instant Capacity state. For more information about the functions that performs for Instant Capacity systems, see the located at /usr/share/doc/icapUserGuide.pdf. The daemon reports errors via (see syslog(3C)). Exception notification email is sent to root and to the system contact email address (con- figured via the command (see icapmodify(1M)). The daemon performs periodic operations based on the time of day. The daemon is spawned by and gets its time zone specification from the /etc/default/tz file. By default, the time zone specified in /etc/default/tz is EST5EDT. You can specify which time zone the daemon uses to interpret its current time by modifying the /etc/default/tz file. For details about the time zone format, see environ(5). A restart of the daemon is required before the new time zone value takes effect (that is, kill the process). AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
icapmodify(1M), icapstatus(1M), icapnotify(1M), icapmanage(1M), icap(5). icapd(1M)

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