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Operating Systems AIX Error - Symbol Resolution Failed Post 101434 by run_time_error on Wednesday 8th of March 2006 07:12:01 AM
Old 03-08-2006
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Credential Constants(3) 				       globus gsi credential					   Credential Constants(3)

Credential Constants - Enumerations enum globus_gsi_cred_error_t { GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SUCCESS = 0, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_PROXY_CRED = 1, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_HOST_CRED = 2, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_SERVICE_CRED = 3, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_CRED = 4, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WRITING_CRED = 5, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WRITING_PROXY_CRED = 6, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_CHECKING_PROXY = 7, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_VERIFYING_CRED = 8, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED = 9, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT = 10, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_PRIVATE_KEY = 11, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT_CHAIN = 12, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_ERRNO = 13, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SYSTEM_CONFIG = 14, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_HANDLE_ATTRS = 15, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_SSL_CTX = 16, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CALLBACK_DATA = 17, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_CREATING_ERROR_OBJ = 18, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_KEY_IS_PASS_PROTECTED = 19, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_NO_CRED_FOUND = 20, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SUBJECT_CMP = 21, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_GETTING_SERVICE_NAME = 22, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER = 23, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT_NAME = 24, GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_LAST = 25 } enum globus_gsi_cred_type_t Enumeration Type Documentation enum globus_gsi_cred_error_t Credential Error codes. Enumerator: GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SUCCESS Success - never used. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_PROXY_CRED Failed to read proxy credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_HOST_CRED Failed to read host credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_SERVICE_CRED Failed to read service credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_READING_CRED Failed to read user credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WRITING_CRED Failed to write credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WRITING_PROXY_CRED Failed to write proxy credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_CHECKING_PROXY Error checking for proxy credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_VERIFYING_CRED Failed to verify credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED Invalid credential. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT Invalid certificate. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_PRIVATE_KEY Invalid private key. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT_CHAIN Invalid certificate chain. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_ERRNO System error. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SYSTEM_CONFIG A Globus GSI System Configuration call failed. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_HANDLE_ATTRS Invalid credential handle attributes. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_SSL_CTX Faulty SSL context. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CALLBACK_DATA Faulty callback data. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_CREATING_ERROR_OBJ Failed to aggregate errors. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_KEY_IS_PASS_PROTECTED Error reading private key - the key is password protected. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_NO_CRED_FOUND Couldn't find credential to read. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_SUBJECT_CMP Credential subjects do not compare. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_GETTING_SERVICE_NAME Unable to obtain service name from CN entry. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_BAD_PARAMETER Invalid function parameter. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_WITH_CRED_CERT_NAME Failed to process certificate subject. GLOBUS_GSI_CRED_ERROR_LAST End marker - never used. enum globus_gsi_cred_type_t Credential Type An enum representing a GSI Credential Type which holds info about the type of a particular credential. The three types of credential can be: GLOBUS_PROXY, GLOBUS_USER, or GLOBUS_HOST. See also: Credential Handle Management Author Generated automatically by Doxygen for globus gsi credential from the source code. Version 5.3 Mon Apr 30 2012 Credential Constants(3)

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