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Full Discussion: Cannot restore a TAR backup
Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Cannot restore a TAR backup Post 101 by Neo on Thursday 19th of October 2000 08:16:14 PM
My only idea is that 'out of memory' means that your tar file is so big that when you try to untar the file, it runs out of memory Smilie How big is the tarfile and how much memory do you have? What is the OS and version?
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th_get_pathname(3)						  C Library Calls						th_get_pathname(3)

th_get_pathname, th_get_uid, th_get_gid, th_get_mode, th_get_crc, th_get_size, th_get_mtime, th_get_devmajor, th_get_devminor, th_get_linkname - extract individual fields of a tar header TH_ISREG, TH_ISLNK, TH_ISSYM, TH_ISCHR, TH_ISBLK, TH_ISDIR, TH_ISFIFO - determine what kind of file a tar header refers to TH_ISLONGNAME, TH_ISLONGLINK - determine whether the GNU extensions are in use SYNOPSIS
#include <libtar.h> char *th_get_linkname(TAR *t); char *th_get_pathname(TAR *t); mode_t th_get_mode(TAR *t); uid_t th_get_uid(TAR *t); gid_t th_get_gid(TAR *t); int th_get_crc(TAR *t); off_t th_get_size(TAR *t); time_t th_get_mtime(TAR *t); major_t th_get_devmajor(TAR *t); minor_t th_get_devminor(TAR *t); int TH_ISREG(TAR *t); int TH_ISLNK(TAR *t); int TH_ISSYM(TAR *t); int TH_ISCHR(TAR *t); int TH_ISBLK(TAR *t); int TH_ISDIR(TAR *t); int TH_ISFIFO(TAR *t); int TH_ISLONGNAME(TAR *t); int TH_ISLONGLINK(TAR *t); VERSION
This man page documents version 1.2 of libtar. DESCRIPTION
The th_get_*() functions extract individual fields from the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t. The TH_IS*() macros are used to evaluate what kind of file is pointed to by the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t. The TH_ISLONGNAME() and TH_ISLONGLINK() macros evaluate whether or not the GNU extensions are used by the current tar header associated with the TAR handle t. This is only relevant if the TAR_GNU option was used when tar_open() was called. SEE ALSO
tar_open(3) University of Illinois Jan 2001 th_get_pathname(3)

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