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Operating Systems AIX No Keyboard in CDE session Post 100534 by hookerxy on Tuesday 28th of February 2006 09:22:09 AM
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I figured out that I have to disable on Windows Keyboard the Numpad, then I am able to type the login credentials. Smilie

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printconfig(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    printconfig(8)

printconfig - Used to add, delete, or modify printer configurations SYNOPSIS
/usr/sbin/printconfig [-ui gui [x resources] | menu] OPTIONS
Specifies the user interface to be invoked. The choices are: Specifies graphical user interface. Specifies menu interface. The x resources are standard X11 resource options. For more information, see the X(1X) reference page. DESCRIPTION
Use the Printer Configuration application, printconfig, to add, delete, or modify printer configurations for this workstation's local and remote printers. For each printer that you configure, you can choose the standard printer configuration or customize the configuration. You must have root privileges to run this application. The printconfig command has two user interface options: Graphical user interface (GUI) Menu interface (Menu) Running the Graphical User Interface Option: To start printconfig from the graphical user interface, do the following: Click on the Application Manager icon on the CDE front panel. Double click on the System_Admin application group icon. Double click on the Configuration application group icon. Double click on the Print icon. To start printconfig from the xterm, enter the following command from the xterm: /usr/sbin/printconfig Note that the validation checking in the GUI interface is more strict than that used by the menu interface. If the GUI interface rejects an attribute value you believe to be acceptable, try the menu interface. Running the Menu Interface Option: To start the printconfig menu interface, enter the following command from the xterm: printconfig -ui menu This option invokes lprsetup. For more information, see the lprsetup(8) reference page. Running Online Help: You can view the Printer Configuration online help volume without running the application. To open the Printer Configuration help volume from the command line, enter the following command: /usr/dt/bin/dthelpview -helpVolume /usr/dt/appconfig/help/C/PrintConfig.sdl You can also view online help for this application by choosing Help from the menu bar in the GUI version. The Help pulldown menu is dis- played, providing the following options: Overview: Displays the Overview section of the help volume, which describes the purpose of the application, how to run the application, and how to exit the application. Tasks: Displays the Tasks section of the help volume, which describes how to use the application to perform various tasks. Reference: Displays the Reference section of the help volume, which describes all dialog boxes and dialog box components in the applica- tion. On Item: Activates the On Item help functionality by displaying a question mark as the cursor. When the cursor is positioned on any compo- nent in the application and you click on the component, a Help Viewer window is opened and the help for the selected component is displayed in the window. Using Help: Displays the standard CDE instructions on how to use the Help Viewer. About: Displays version, copyright, and trademark information for the application. RESTRICTIONS
The following restrictions apply when using older versions of printcap files, at Version 3.2 or earlier: In Verion 4.0 /etc/printcap files, the system assigns printers names lp[0-9]*, [0-9]*, and for the default printer, lp . For example, the default printer may have a name field such as lp0|0|lp|default|declaser3500:... and another printer may be lp7|7|some_alias|another alias:... As a result, the system will have difficulty with printers that have less than two names or that use these reserved names as aliases. Some of the attribute value checking is different. For example, some fields that were not required now are, and some attributes values that were legal no longer are. The printconfig utility requires that all comments be associated with a printer. As a result, comments appearing after the last printer will be deleted. To avoid these problems, invoke printconfig with the menu interface as follows: # printconfig -ui menu This command invokes the lprsetup command line utility, which is fully compatible with earlier printcap files. EXAMPLES
The following example shows how to start the printconfig menu interface from the command line: printconfig -ui menu FILES
Contains the current printer configurations printconfig modifies the contents of this file Contains the known printer types and their default attribute values for creating new printer configurations Specifies the environment variables that define the PRINTCONFIG configura- tion on your system SEE ALSO
Commands: lpr(1), latcp(8), lpd(8), rc.config(8) Files: printcap(4) printconfig(8)

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