Operating Systems AIX Organization in a big file system Post 100432 by ScatterBrain on Monday 27th of February 2006 12:40:42 PM
i agree. my impression would be that you would probably want to backup and rebuild for performance reasons. as for backups... you probably should already be doing that anyways. Smilie
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BACKUP_HELP(8)						       AFS Command Reference						    BACKUP_HELP(8)

       backup_help - Displays help for backup commands

       backup help [-topic <help string>+] [-admin] [-help]

       backup h [-t <help string>+] [-a] [-h]

       The backup help command displays the complete online help entry (short description and syntax statement) for each operation code specified
       by the -topic argument. If the -topic argument is omitted, the output includes the first line (name and short description) of the online
       help entry for every backup command.

       To list every backup command whose name or short description includes a specified keyword, use the backup apropos command.

       -topic <help string>+
	   Indicates each command for which to display the complete online help entry. Omit the backup part of the command name, providing only
	   the operation code (for example, specify dump, not backup dump). If this argument is omitted, the output briefly describes every backup

	   Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.

       The online help entry for each backup command consists of the following two or three lines:

       o   The first line names the command and briefly describes its function.

       o   The second line lists aliases for the command, if any.

       o   The final line, which begins with the string "Usage", lists the command's options in the prescribed order. Online help entries use the
	   same symbols (for example, brackets) as the reference pages in this document.

       The following example displays the online help entry for the backup dump command:

	  % backup help dump
	  backup dump: start dump
	  Usage: backup dump -volumeset <volume set name> -dump <dump level name>
	  [-portoffset <TC port offset>]  [-at <Date/time to start dump>+]
	  [-append]  [-n]  [-file <load file>]	[-help]


       backup(8), backup_apropos(8)

       IBM Corporation 2000. <http://www.ibm.com/> All Rights Reserved.

       This documentation is covered by the IBM Public License Version 1.0.  It was converted from HTML to POD by software written by Chas
       Williams and Russ Allbery, based on work by Alf Wachsmann and Elizabeth Cassell.

OpenAFS 							    2012-03-26							    BACKUP_HELP(8)

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