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-a @ not working acl ad add advice aix aix 6.1 hdd installation aix down and install alias alom ancient android ant apache apache2 append application depedency argument passing arithmetic array arrays ash atime audio authentication automate script automating automation autosys awk awk -f awk array awk command awk trim awk variable backup bash bash eval bash script bashscript bash scripting batch batch file bc bind boot bourne shell bsd c+ case cat cd centos cgi child process chmod chown cifs cisco c language cluster code column columns command command line compare compare files compile conditions if statement copy core count cp cpio c programming cpu cron cron job cron jobs crontab csh csv csv formatting ctime curl cut cygwin data database date date and time format help date format conversion dd debian declare var delete dhcp diff differences dig directories directory display dns dos2unix download unix du echo egrep email environment error error code eval exec expect expect programming expect script export export display ext3 rhel5.6 centos5.7 read write error extract extract file links from html faq fedora file filename files find find -newer firefox firewall for do done foreach for loop forum software forum tutorials freebsd fsck ftp function call gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb getopts gnuplot gpio grep grep -v grep multiple patterns grep options in solaris grep or group grub gtar guest gunzip gzip hacmp hardware here document hmc hp ux hpux html httpd ide if condition import inappropriate ioctl for device index input file insert install ip ipc iptables iso java join kernel kill knoppix ksh ldap learn unix line lines linux linux commands linux download linux mandrake list log login loop looping ls lvm mac mail mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix make makefile malloc memory memory usage merge merge files metacharacters migration mount move mtime multiline multiple multiple files mysql nawk network network administration networking newbie nfs nim nohup noob number array numbers operating systems oracle output parallel parameter parse partition passwd password paste path pattern pattern matching pcl2pdf pdf performance perl perl cgi perl script perl shift permissions pgrep php ping ping port pipe port posix post postfix print printf problem process profiling tool programming proxmox proxy prstat ps putty python quotes quoting raid raspberry pi read recursive grep redhat redirect redirection regex regexp regular expression regular expressions remote remove replace replace a string rhel rm rpm rsync samba san sco scp script scripting search security sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk sed delete line select select all text vi sendexchange sendmail server sftp sftp script sh shell shell bash shell commands shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell scripting tutorials shift shift perl size smh snapshot snmp solaris solaris10 update6 solved sort sparc split sql sqlplus ssh ssl string substring sudo suse linux swap syslog tail tar tcp tcsh tee telnet terminal test command text text file time timestamp top touch touch unix command tr trim trim awk ubuntu umask unix unix and linux unix commands unix download unix script unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell scripting unix tail comand unnecode unresolved unzip variable variables vi vim vi select all vmware wc wget while loop wildcard windows winrs xargs xml xml parsing xml sed awk zfs zip zone

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