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(g)awk access denied to change password acl advise aix aix down and install aix grep aix shell scripting alias pipe alom android apache append to file arp arrange array array variables automated autopause autosys awk awk trim background bash bash script bash scripting beginner bind bios bootabe usb.drive bridge bsd canon scanner cat cd cec centos 6 character chat chmod chown clementine cli closed clusterssh column command line arguments commands comparison concatenate conditional symbolic link ln solaris 10 conditions if statement congratulations copying char within a file count characters in file counter cp cpio cron crontab crontab error csh csv csv file csv formatting csv parsing ctime curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cygwin date date and time conversion date command date conversion epoch standard db2 debian declare var delete design df dhcp display ps full command option documentation download unix duplicate line duplicates echo egrep environment errpt eval command exclude execl exit expect fence off users ip from abroad fields field seperator file files files open for write find firefox focus fork for loop fsck ftp functional id gawk gawk script no results gcc getopts getter gnuplot gpg gpu greb grep grep 2 words grep in solaris grep options in solaris grep or gzip hard disk reclamation hash hp hp-ux hp notebook pc html httpd ibm iconv ieeemath ifconfig image incompatible types indirection inittab inode install installing installshield 2012 interactive script iptables ipv6 iso java jil job-scheduling join kernel module korn shell script ksh ksh shell scripting linux ldap ldap authentication ldoms learn unix letters libraries linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux commands linux download linux red hat shared memory list locale login loop loop for ls ls -l lsvg lvm lvreduce mail mail attch mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix makefile makefiles malware match memory leak mksysb mount mozilla mtime multiple files multiple files transfer mutt mv mysql nawk need help network newbie nfs nl nohup od odbc onboard openldap open source project openssl openssl remove operating system oracle ors parallel processing parameter expansion parsing partially particular column print passwd password passwordless authentication pattern performance perl permissions php ping ping6 command pingtest places.sqlite plan9 plink portable posix posix utility printf print line problem connecting process programming ps python quoting read read command reboot redhat redirection refinement regex regexp regular expression regular expressions remove rename replace resume from point of failure return exit code return value rhel6 rhel 7 root rsync rsync backup samba san sas scanner scp script script awk scripting sea search sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk sed not working inside ksh sendmail sesu - set command setter sftp sftp script sh sha1sum shared memory shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shellscripting showmount shrink ext4 skype sloved smf snmp socket sol.ved solaris solaris 8 solaris 8 failures solaris 10 solarwinds solved solved awk solved csh tcsh argument solved shell sort sovled sparc split string sql sqlplus ssh ssh_original_command standards string string functions string manipulation strings subnet subshell substring sudo sudo -u sun sunray sysadmin systemd tag tail tar tcl tcpd tee terminal test text processing time timer timercmp timeradd example timestamp title top touch tr trim awk troubleshoot type conversion typeset ubuntu uefi uniq unique unix unix admin unix and linux unix commands unix download unix installation unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell script unix shell scripting user account valgrind invalid read variable variable expansion vault7 vio vios visual studio vpn wc while loop while read loop whitelist window manager windows windows 10 x11 xargs xgrabbutton xml xml parsing xmlstarlet zfs zgrep zip [solved]

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