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(g)awk 1969 access denied to change password acl advise adware a film aix aix 5.2 aix 6.1 aix7.2 aix down and install aix grep aix shell scripting al alias pipe alom ampersand android apache append append to file arithmetic expansion arp arrange array array variables assign matching values atime autorep autosys awk awk array awk trim background bash bash eval bash script bash scripting bind bios bootabe usb.drive bridge bsd bsub canon scanner case statement cat cd cec centos centos 6 chmod chown cifs clementine cli cloning closed code tag button column command line command line arguments commands compare 2 files compile complex numbers concatenate conditional symbolic link ln solaris 10 conditions if statement connect copying char within a file count cp cp command. cp exclude c programming cron crontab crontab error csh csh foreach csv csv file csv formatting csv parsing ctime ctrl-c or ctrl-z not working curl cut cut option cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cygwin date date and time conversion date and time format help date calculation date command date conversion epoch standard debian declare var delete design df dhcp diff discussion display ps full command option dns download unix du duplicates echo egrep email epson errpt eval excel exit expect expect script export display fedora file file comparison files filtering find find -exec firefox flock() focus foreach foreground for loop fsck ftp functional id gawk gcc gpu greb grep grep 2 words grep in solaris grep options in solaris grep or gtar gzip hard disk reclamation host machine- autorep hp-ux html ibm iconv ieeemath implicit loop inappropriate ioctl for device install installshield 2012 interactive script interface iptables ipv6 irc iso java junk korn shell script korn shell scripting ksh ldap authentication learn unix line matching linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux commands linux download linux mandrake list load average login loop lparstat ls ls -l lsvg lvm mail mail attch mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix makefile malware math memory memory leak monitor motif mtime multiple files mutt mv mv: cannot access file mysql nat nawk network newbie nfs nis nl nm nohup od onboard openssl openssl remove operator precedence oracle parallel processing parameter expansion parsing password path pattern pcl2pdf performance perk perl perl regex perl script perl shift permissions php ping ping6 command ping port plink port ping posix posix utility printf print line programming ps psql python quoting read read command vi unix user reboot red hat redhat redirect regex regular expression regular expressions remote desktop remote server remove rename replace rhel 7 rm root rsync rsync backup samba san sco scp script script awk scripting search sed sed - replace text with variable sed append sed awk sed delete line sed ksh sed not working inside ksh sed replace multiple text sed replace path find from same file sed wildcard sendexchange sendmail server sesu - set command sftp sftp script sh shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscript shellscripting shell scripting shell while loop shift shift perl showmount snmp socket sol.ved solaris solaris 8 solaris 8 failures solaris 10 solaris 11 solved solved awk solved shell sort sparc split split string sql ssh string string manipulation strings subshell subshell exit status substring sudo sudo -u sun suse linux tag tail tar tcl tee telnet terminal test test command text processing time time frame timer timercmp timeradd example timestamp top touch tr trim trim awk type conversion typeset ubuntu uniq unique unix unix admin unix and linux unix commands unix download unix installation unix script unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell script unix shell scripting unresolved for weeks unzip user account user experience usermod variable variable expansion vault7 vi vio vios wait wc while loop whitelist windows windows 10 x11 xargs xml xml parsing xmlstarlet zgrep zip

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