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$path acl ad add advice aix aix 5.3 aix 6.1 aix 7.1 aix down and install alias alom ancient android apache apache2 append applescript array arrays atime authentication automation autosys awk awk -f awk array awk command awk trim backup bash bash cut bash scripting batch bc binary file bind boolean boot bsd c-programming case statement cat cd cde centos cgi chess chgrp chmod chown cifs cisco cluster code column columns command commands compare compile conditions if statement copy coredump count cp cp exclude cpio c programming cpu cron crontab csh csv csv file ctime curious curl cut cygwin dash date date manipulation dd debian declare var delete df dhcp diff dig directories directory disk display display ps full command option dns dns setting dos2unix download unix du echo egrep el capitan email error errpt eval execute expect expect script export export display extract faq fedora file file content filename files find firefox foreach for loop format fortran freebsd fsck ftp functional id gawk gcc gdb gdk getopts gnucash gnuplot google grep grep -v grep in solaris group grub gsub gzip hacmp hardware hmc host hp-ux hpux html ibm if condition ifs install installation ip iptables ipv6 iso java join kernel kill knoppix korn shell ksh ldap learn unix linux linux and unix linux commands linux download linux mandrake list load average locale localhost log login loop lparstat ls ls -l ls command lvm mail mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix make makefile memory merge migration mkdev monitoring mount move mtime multiple multiple files mutt mv mysql nagios nas nat nawk network networking network manager newbie nfs nmon nohup openssh openvpn operating systems oracle parallel parameter parameter expansion parse parse file parsing parsing data partition password paste path pattern pcl2pdf pdf performance perl perl shift permissions pgrep php pid ping ping port pipe pipestatus port port ping postfix print printf problem process programming proxy prstat ps putty pvresize python qos raid rdx read reboot red hat redhat redirect redirection regex regular expression regular expressions remote remove rename replace rhel rhel 6.6 rm routing rpm rs rsync samba san sco scp script scripting scripts search security sed sed append sed awk sed awk bash sed delete line select sendexchange sendmail server set set command sftp sftp script sh shell shell array shell bash shell commands shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shellscripting shift shift perl showmount shutdown smh smtp snmp solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solved solved awk sort space sparc split sql sqlplus squid ssh string strings su substring sudo sun super user suse linux syntax tail tar tcsh tee telnet terminal test test command text processing time timer timercmp timeradd example top touch tr trap trim trim awk tui typeset ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 uniq unix unix and linux unix and linux forum unix code unix commands unix script unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell bash scripting unix shell scripting unresolved unzip update usermod uuid variable variables vi vim vios vmware vnc vpn wc wget while loop windows xargs xml zfs zip

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