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(g)awk accessing file on physical drive acl ad aix aix 6.1 aix down and install aix grep alias alom anchor android ant build apache apache2 append arguments arithmetic expansion array array variables autosys awk awk -f awk;printf;counting;time awk array awk field separator bash bash script bash scripting basic. begginer beginner bind bsd c-lang cat centos centos 6 cgi checksum child cyber-object chmod chown cisco closed cluster code column column replace columns combine command command line arguments command substitution compare compare columns condition conditions if statement copy copy file count cp c programming cpu load cron crontab csh csv csv file ctime curl cut cyberspace situational awareness cygwin date date and time conversion dd debian declare var delete deletion descan sftp desktop device cyber-clone df dhcp differences disable display ps full command option dns documentation download unix echo egrep encryption errpt event handlers socket excel exclude execl exit expect export display ext4 extract failure detection time fedora ff fields field seperator file filename file redirection files file split find find -exec fork for loop format freebsd ftp functional id gawk gcc getopts gnu google grep grep -v grep in solaris grep or group gunzip gzip hacmp hash head hpc hp notebook pc html httpd if statement ilom image indent inode install interactive script iptables iptables rules ipv6 iso java join kernel kernel module keys knoppix ksh last modification time ldap learn unix libraries line-buffered fully-buffered lines linux linux 6.0 linux commands linux download linux mandrake list load average locale login loop ls ls -l ls command lvm mail mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix make malware md5 memory merge mkdir mksysb monitor monitoring mount mtime multiple commands multiple files mutt mv mysql network networking newline nfs nis nohup opengraphiti open source project operator precedence oracle oracle connection parallel parameter expansion parse particular column print password passwordless authentication path pattern pattern matching pcl2pdf performance perl permissions php ping ping6 command ping port pingtest posix postfix print printf print matches privacy policy problem process programming proxy prune ps python qemu quoting raid read read command recovery redhat red hat redhat 6.5 linux aws redirection regex regexp regular expression regular expressions remove rename replacing bleachbit by hand restore rhdisk rhel rhel6 rhel 7 rm rpm rsync samba san scp script scripting search secure notebook security sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk sed delete line sed not working inside ksh select sendemail sendmail server set command sftp sftp script sh shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscript shellscripting shell scripting shell scripting in sh shell while loop shift shift perl showmount shutdown size smh snmp solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 11 solved solved awk solved shell sort space sparc special characters sql sqlplus ssh ssh aix ssh keys stdin stdout string string manipulation strings su2 subshell substitution substr substring sudo sun sun solaris 10 swap syslog systemd tag tail tar tee telnet terminal command test text processing time timer timercmp timeradd example timestamp title touch tr tutorial typeset ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 uniq unique unix unix admin unix and linux unix commands unix download unix script unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell bash scripting unix shell script unix shell scripting usb userland utf-8 character replacement utf-8 to iso-8859-1 valgrind invalid read variable variable expansion vim vios virus vmware vnc vpn wc wget while loop while read loop whitelist windows windows server wordpress x11 xargs xml xterm yum zfs zip zombie proces

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