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(g)awk 56kbit modem 1969 address aix aix 5.2 aix 5.3 aix 6.1 aix7.2 aix down and install aix grep aix shell scripting ampersand android apc ups append archive arch linux arp array arrays atime autorep autosys avoid backslashes awk awk array awk trim awr background bash bash eval bash nested function scope bash parsing read array bash script bash scripting bash scripting unix logs bash_history bonding bsub case statement cat cd centos centos 6 checking condition chinese characters chmod cifsmount circular client cloning closed clsnmp command line command line arguments comparation compare compare 2 files compile compute nodes conditional symbolic link ln solaris 10 conditions if statement console controller conversion convert count cp command. cp exclude create modify user cron crontab csh csv csv file csv formatting ctime curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph database date date and time conversion debian declare var df dhcp dialog diff diff 2 file display ps full command option download unix echo error eval evaluation order excel execute expect expect script export display extract faq fedora fence off users ip from abroad ffmpeg ffprobe stream info record file files filtering find find command find files and sort by timestamp flask flock() for loop forum software ftp ftp file functional id gawk gawk script no results geo blocking globbing gnome desktop gpu grep grep options in solaris grep or grub grub config header validation here document hp-ux hpc html html tags ibm ibm aix if statement implementaion inappropriate ioctl for device informix install inventory java javascript join json kill korn shell ksar ksh lacp ldapclient ldoms learn unix limit filesize line breaks linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux awk unix scripts linux commands linux download linux mandrake linux permissions load average log extract login logs loop ls lsvg lvm mail mailx mailx attachment mailx command in unix makefile match math memory memory usage migration mount mtime multiline commands multiple conditions in if multiple files mutt mv mv: cannot access file mysql mysqlcheck network newbie nfs nis nm nohup null object od openpyxl oracle overwrite parallel parallel processing parameter expansion patch patching path pattern pdb file percentage performance perk perl perl regex perl shift php ping ping port pipe file plink plugins pointer print line print que print queue process processes product key prune python ram kernel randomize raspbian read read line red hat redhat reduce the size of a logical volume regex regexp regular expression regular expressions remove removed ` in if condition rename file replace replace string sed resolved resume from point of failure return value rhel 7 rm root rs 232 rsync samba sar scheduled job scp script script awk scripting scrub scsi search sed sed - replace text with variable sed append sed awk sed awk grep replace newline sed delete line sed not working inside ksh sed replace multiple text sendexchange sendmail serial serial port server sesu - set command sftp sftp script sh shell shell argument shell awk getline shell bash shell bash ksh shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shell script commands shell scripting shellscripting shell script variables shell while loop shift shift perl showmount signal situational awareness sleep snmp socket socket programming software solaris solaris 8 solaris 8;md5;nis migration;encryption solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris11 solved solved awk solved awk file split solved shell sort sparc split sql squid ssh ssh connection sssd status stderr storage string string matching su subscript substring sudo suse linux sym links tab delimited file tail tcl tclrege test test command text file text processing time time frame time period timer timercmp timeradd example tomcat tool touch unix command trim trim awk trusted mode ubuntu umount uniq unique unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix and linux forum unix commands unix download unix installation unixodbc unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell script unix shell scripting unresolved for weeks updating vn uwsgi variable variable expansion vault7 vi vios wait while condition while loop while read loop sed do filename add top windows x11 xargs xlsx xml zgrep [solved]

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