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SCO Unix - Disk Space

UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

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Old Unix and Linux 07-16-2006
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SCO Unix - Disk Space


I am using SCO Unix 3.12 and Informix database. When we tried to use "du -a" command to check disk space, it showed:

342122 ./usr
30092 ./etc
6244 ./dev
4778 ./bin
2674 ./tcb
1234 ./lost+found
698 ./lib
532 ./shlib
46 ./tmp
6 ./messages
4 ./opt
4 ./var
2 ./mnt
2 ./install
2 ./wastebasket

Total = 388440 blocks

But when I used command "df -f", it showed that I have used up 691920 blocks .

I don't know why? One more thing, before it happened, I try to export database from Informix to text file, but it's too large, so I stopped the process. After that, the problem has occurred.

Please advise,
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Old Unix and Linux 07-17-2006
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that is the difference between disk usage (du) and free blocks displayer (df)

if a file makes use of 2KB of 1 MB block
du will display that the file had used only 2KB

but df would display that 1 MB had been used as its displaying only the free blocks available,
even if 1 byte is used in 1MB free block, the free block is no more a free block and its used.
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