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[Solved] Search, Extract and Rename Multiple Files

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Old Unix and Linux 02-26-2014
Akshay Hegde's Unix or Linux Image
Akshay Hegde Akshay Hegde is offline Forum Advisor  
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Try this I modified...

ls *-*-*.csv -1 | \
		awk -F'[-,]' 'FNR==NR{
					gname = substr($2,1,10)
					gsub(/[[:space:]]/,"\\ ",gname)
					A[$1] = gname
                            ($1 in A){
					print "cp "$0,A[$1]"-"$0
				     }' group.csv -  | sh

---------- Post updated Feb 27th, 2014 at 03:37 AM ---------- Previous update was Feb 26th, 2014 at 11:12 PM ----------

I can't produce this Power Too -750416394-RE-file258.csv , there is only one space not two check od -c file
The Following User Says Thank You to Akshay Hegde For This Useful Post:
armsaran (02-27-2014)
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Old Unix and Linux 02-26-2014
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Don Cragun Don Cragun is offline Forum Staff  
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Originally Posted by armsaran View Post

Thanks Don.
Code is not restricted for the first 10 chars
Output file as per your code

Copy of Gardening Category Clickers-750400039-RE-file277.csv

Note that I had posted a fix for this about an hour before you sent this message. I had been working on a solution based on your original requirements and didn't notice your updated requirements until after my initial post. The updated code is:

ls *.csv | awk -F, '
NR == 1 { next }
FNR == NR { c[$1] = substr($2, 1, 10); next }
$1 in c { printf("mv \"%s\" \"%s-%s\"\n", $0, c[$1], $0)
}' Group.csv FS='-' - | sh

The difference between my code and Akshay's code is that my code quotes both operands to mv while Akshay's code changes each occurrence of a <space>, <form-feed>, <carriage-return>, <tab>, or <vertical-tab> character to an escaped <space> character in the destination operand to mv but doesn't protect any characters in class space in the source operand.
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Old Unix and Linux 02-27-2014
armsaran armsaran is offline
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Thanks Don.

Its working fine
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