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deleting locked files

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Old Unix and Linux 05-25-2005
Aussie John Aussie John is offline
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deleting locked files

I have some locked files ( locked via the Mac finder)
I have tired rm -R and rm -rdf but it doesnt delete the locked files

just says "override rw------- etc?"
type "yes" and says "operation not permitted"

is there some way to do this (or unlock the files)
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Old Unix and Linux 05-25-2005
babayeve babayeve is offline
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sorry i don't understand file is locked. and i don't know what mac finder is. i gess it is something finding your mac address of ethernet? BUT,

1) if it is locked as in RCS (revision control system) or SCCS (source code control system) , you (hopefully owner) can unlock it " rcs -u YourFileName " see man rcs if it is installed in your system. see man sccs to learn how to unlock with sccs. unfortunately i don't know.

2) if your file is in use, you can see it with " fuser -m TheFileName or the directoryName holding it " fuser is file user. see man fuser to see how to kill the process using your file. i think it is fuser -km FileName. better investigate it yourself. If you know which process is using your file you can terminate the process with " kill " command.

3) use " lsattr YourFileName " to see the attributes of your file. it might be set as immutable or undeletable with command "chattr -i filename" or " chattr -u filename " if so you can do the opposite with " chattr +i +u filename " see man chattr or man lsattr for more detail. chattr and lsattr come with newer systems. my fedora2 has it. older systems don't

these were all i know. hope they are usefull.

emil babayev
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