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remove ANSI Escape characters from text file

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Old Unix and Linux 08-24-2010
jwzumwalt jwzumwalt is offline
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remove ANSI Escape characters from text file

I am trying to remove ansi escape characters from a text file. I did a google search and found perl and php answers but could not find a bash sed solution.

here are the sequences I need to remove. There is a hidden control character "ESC" (ASCII decimal 27, or hex 0x1B, or octal 033)
prior to each sequence. The code doesn't show it, but when you see the \\ the "ESC" char is being referanced. For
example 's/\\[1\;33m//' is really 's/\"esc"\[1\;33m//'.
# [1m
# [2m
# [1;31m
# [1;32m
# [1;33m
# [1;33m

This is some of the attempts I have made, but none of them work.

sed 's/0m//'  $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/1m//'  $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/\\[2m//'  $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/*1\;31m//g' $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/*1;32m*//g'  $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/\\[1\;33m//' $HOME/jz-projects/test.log
sed 's/\\[1\;34m//' $HOME/jz-projects/test.log

thanks for the help

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Old Unix and Linux 08-26-2010
methyl methyl is offline Forum Advisor  
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How I'd do it in ksh. Might need converting for bash because I have used "echo".

Generate the Escape character and hold it in a variable.
Then append the rest of the escape sequence between single quotes and also provided a backslash wherever a character might clash with "sed" commands.

ESC="`echo '\0033\c'`"    # Escape character
ES1="${ESC}"'\[1m'         # Escape sequence  <Esc>[1m

sed -e "s/${ES1}//g"  $HOME/jz-projects/test.log

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