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.tracefile 1969 4000_thanks @reboot acl advise adware a film aix aix 5.2 aix7.2 aix shell scripting al alert alias pipe alom anchor arithmetic expansion arp assign matching values audit log autoconf autosys awk awk.grep background bash bash script bash scripting bash scripting unix logs basic. bell labs bios bonding bootlist botnet member brace group bridge bsd byte c++ c++ standard canon scanner case interesting case statement cat cd centos 6 chat chmod chown clementine cli cli prompt clone disk cloning closed code tag button column columns columns table unix bash comm command line arguments compare 2 files comparison compile complex numbers concatenate config count cron cronjob crontab crontab error csh csv csv file csv formatting csv parsing curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness date date and time conversion date command date conversion epoch standard db2 debian decimal delete development dhcp diff command dos line terminators dot driver manager duplicate line entstat environment escape sequences evaluation order excel expect script fence off users ip from abroad ff fields file file comparison filename pattern matching files files open for write file split find firefox flock() focus fork for loop fsck ftp gawk gawk script no results gcc compiler installation get multiple files getter github globbing globbing ls gnome desktop gnuplot grep grep -e grep 2 words hadoop hard disk reclamation how to remove blanks end hp-ux https url ibm ifconfig image incompatible types init messages console startup shutdown inode installing installshield 2012 interactive script interface internal inverse range ipadress iptables iscsi 10.20 java join key position keypressed ksh ksh function definition lacp ldapclient letters libraries line matching linking linux linux 6.0 linux 6.2 linux permissions locale logic or logs loop loop for lvm lvreduce lynx mac address mac os macvim vim latex mail mailx make makefile math math scripts merge data migration mint mksysb monitor motif mozilla mpath multiple files mv mysql query nawk need help netstat network newbie nfs nfs anonymous nl nohup openssl remove openvms oracle ors os padding zeros parallel download parallel processing parameter expansion parsing parsing strings passwd password path performance monitoring perl pgrep php pipe file pipes plan9 plink plugins poll positions postgres pppoe printer problem printf print line prompt python python xml csv shell qt 4.8 queries quoting read reboot recognizable files or not? record record seperator redhat redirection refinement regex regular expression remote desktop remote server remove files rename file replace text replacing bleachbit by hand resolved return value rhel6 rhel 7 rhel7 root rsync backup sample date looks like this: sas scp script script awk scripting script utility scsi seagate search search path search patterns seastat aix sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk sed awk grep replace newline sendmail set command setter sftp sh sha1 sheel script shell shell #! shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shell scripting in sh shell syntax shell while loop shrink ext4 skype sleep slowing snmp socket software development solaris solaris 8 solaris 8 failures solaris 8;md5;nis migration;encryption solaris11 solaris 11.3 solarwinds solved solved awk solved csh tcsh argument sort sort field sort order sovled sparc split string sql ssh ssh connection ssh keyless sshpass sssd stack standard mode standards status stdin string string aix csh cut string manipulation strings subshell subshell exit status sudo sudo -u sudo root access restriction sun sunos systemd tag tail tape tar tcl tcl regexp tcpd test text processing time top tr troubleshoot tutorial tv shows ubuntu ubuntu 14.04.3 unable to use if and find together unexpand unexpected character uniq uniq field unique unique words unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix centos grep sed awk ping unix installation unix shell scripting user command values variable variable expansion vios virus wallpaper warp coordinates while read loop while read loop sed do filename add top whitelist wifi card windows words x11 xargs xargs arguments xml xmlstarlet zpool

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