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@include igawk gawk @reboot advise adware aix aix shell scripting al alert append to file arguments aria2c arp arrange array athlon 64 autoconf automatically autopause autosys awk awk -f awk array sort awk variable pattern backticks bash bash script bash scripting bash shell password basic. begginer beginner bell labs bootlist botnet member bridge byte c++ c++ standard c-lang canon scanner case interesting cat cd cec centos 6 chat checksum chmod chown cli closed clusterssh columns table unix bash combine command line arguments command substitution compare columns comparison compile compiling compress compression concatenation congratulations count characters in file cp create sequence on the basis of records cron cronjob crontab crontab error csh csv csv file csv formatting csv parsing curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness database date date and time conversion date conversion epoch standard db2 debian 8.5 debian jessie decommission file systems default gateway default minimum value delete delimiter development dialog digital fingerprints dos line terminators driver manager egrep elfclass error entstat epson excel exclude exit extract extundelete fence off users ip from abroad fetch the public content ff fields field seperator file file redirection files files extension file sharing across systems file split find find -exec firefox focus foreground fork for loop freebsd fsck ftp gawk getter glob globbing ls gpg gpu grep gunzip hard drive hdisk head how to remove blanks end hp hpc hp notebook pc html httpd ieeemath image incompatible types inittab installing installshield 2012 interactive script interface interrupts intrinsic.h ipadress iptables ipv6 iso isql for sql server table's rows counts java javascript jenkins key korn shell script ksh ksh function definition last modification time ldap ldap authentication ldapclient ldapsearch ldoms letters linking linux linux 6.0 linux 6.2 linux red hat shared memory lirc log out loop loop for lvm lvreduce m4000 mac address mail mailx make makefile makefiles math memory memory leak mint mkfs movies mozilla multiline commands multiple commands multiple files transfer mysql network network commands newline nfs nl nohup null od openldap open source project openssl openvms operating system optmization oracle osvr padding zeros parameter expansion parsing parsing strings partially password passwordless authentication perk perl php ping ping6 command pingtest pipes plan9 plink port number. positions posix posix utility postfix printf print matches prune psql python quoting read read command reboot reclaim disk space recognizable files or not? record recovery recurring redhat redirection refinement regex regular expression remove rename replacing bleachbit by hand resolved return exit code return value rhel6 rhel 6 rhel 7 rsync sample date looks like this: sas scp script script awk scripting script utility sea seagate secure copy sed sed awk sendmail separate fields server set -f set command setter sftp sftp ssh sh sha1sum sheel script shell shell argument shell bash ksh shell parameter expansions shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shell scripting shell scripting in sh shell while loop shrink ext4 size skype sloved socket software development sol.ved solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 10 x solaris 11 solarwinds solved solved awk solved by reinstalling solaris 11.1 solved csh tcsh argument solved shell sort sort field sovled split string sqlplus ssh ssh aix ssh keyless ssh_original_command stack status string string functions string manipulation strings su su2 subshell subshell execution environment sudo -u sudo root access restriction sun sun solaris 10 swap system command systemd tag tail tar tcpd temporary files terminal terminal command text processing time tmp swap hanging crash top tutorial ubuntu unable to use if and find together uniq uniq field unique unix unix & linux - unix commands unix admin unix script;unix scripting unix shell script unix shell scripting unix system v usb valgrind invalid read variable variable expansion vim vio virus visual studio vpn warp coordinates wc wget download wifi card window windows windows 10 windows server wordpress words x11 xargs arguments xargs v find -exec xml xml parsing xscf yum zones

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