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#aix serial printing .tracefile 2d array 9front 56k modem 1969 access denied to change password address a film aix aix 5.2 aix7.2 al alert ampersand ansi c apcupsd arch linux arp array arrays autopause autosys avoid backslashes awk awk.grep awk inbuilt variables assignment awk sum syntax error awr background backticks backup script bash bash nested function scope bash script bash scripting bash scripting unix logs bash shell bash shell scripting bash untar binary file bridge canon scanner case statement cat cd centos 6 c function pointer chinese characters cifsmount c lang cli cloning closed clusterssh cmake code tag button comm command line arguments compare 2 files compile complex numbers constructor content in all files convert count characters in file crontab csh csv csv formatting csv parsing curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph date date and time conversion date and time format help debian debian 9 dhcp dialog diff diff command digital fingerprints disable dos line terminators dot dplication driver manager dsl modem editor elfclass error environment variables escape sequences eval command evaluation order excel excel file formatting expect faq fedora fence off users ip from abroad fetch the public content ffmpeg ffmpeg font size file file comparison file edit file redirection files files open for write filter data filtering find find command find files and sort by timestamp firefox flock() focus foreground for loop fsck ftp ftp file gawk geo blocking get multiple files getter gkellm globbing ls gnome desktop gps grep hddtemp header file hp-ux ibm ibm aix ieeemath if statement informix install installing interface inventory ipadress irc iscsi 10.20 java javascript job-scheduling join json kill korn shell ksh lacp lamp server ldapclient ldoms line breaks line matching line terminators linux linux 6.0 linux 6.2 linux and unix linux awk unix scripts linux permissions linux red hat shared memory load balancing in unix log extract log file logs loop lvm mac os macvim vim latex mailx makefile match math math scripts median memory leak merge data migration mirror rpool modem script motif mozilla mpath mpi multiline commands multiple columns multiple files mv network newbie nginx nis nl nohup novice null od odbc open source openvms oracle ors os overwrite parallel parallel download parallel processing parameter expansion parse parsing partially patch patching path pattern pause perl perl-options perl regular expressions ping pipe file pipe wget grep sed plink plugins pointer portable posix postgres pppoe printer problem printf print line print que process programming python queries quoting radeon read reboot recover password recurring redhat redirect reduce the size of a logical volume regex regular expression remote server remove files rename replace text resolved resume from point of failure return value rhel 7 rhel7 shutdown reboot root rsync san sas scanner scp script script awk scripting script utility scsi search sed sed awk sed awk grep replace newline sendmail serial serial port server setter sftp sh sha1 shared memory shell shell #! shell argument shell awk getline shell bash shell bash ksh shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell scri shell script shell script commands shellscripting shell scripting shellscripts shell syntax shell while loop shrink filesystem sip call situational awareness size of luns sleep snmp socket socket programming software software development solaris solaris 8 failures solaris 8;md5;nis migration;encryption solaris 10 solaris 11.3 solarwinds solved solved awk solved awk file split solved shell solved ssh sort source sparc split split string sql sqlplus inside shell ssh ssh_original_command sssd stack standard mode standards status stdin string string aix csh cut string matching subshell subshell execution environment subshell exit status substitute search replace sudo sudo -u sudo root access restriction swap file tab completion tab delimited file tag tail tar tcl tcl regexp tcpd tcsh script text text processing threshold cpu-usage unix aix time frame time period top ubuntu unable to use if and find together unique words unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix system v user command user lookup uwsgi variable variable assignment variable comparison variable expansion vi vintage void wait wallpaper wget download while read loop sed do filename add top write specific value xlsx xmake xml xmlstarlet xwindows zpool [solved]

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