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#sftp #shell #unix #get #delete #upload 4000_thanks accessing file on physical drive acl adware aix aix 6.1 alias pipe anchor animal apache api copyright archive arguments aria2c arithmetic expansion array array variables assistance find assocciative array athlon 64 awk awk;printf;counting;time awk variable pattern awk_explaination_of_print bash bash script bash scripting bash shell password begginer beginner bg binary arithmetic bits bootabe usb.drive bourne shell byte c++ c++ separate code cec centos centos 6 checksum child process chmod chown cisco clamtk cli closed code column columns combine command command evaluation compare compare 2 files concatenation condition conditional substitution configuration copy copying char within a file count cp cpu load cron crontab cryptopp csh array csv csv file csv parsing curl cut cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph cyberspace situation graphs date date and time conversion db2 debian 8.5 debian jessie decimal default gateway delete deletion descan sftp dhcp diff command documentation echo encrypt encrypted notebooks encryption escape character exclude expect extract information extundelete ff field seperator file file operations in shell file redirection files files extension file split file transfer find find -exec find tar gzip flock fold fork for loop format formatting freebsd ftp gcc getopts globbing gnu grep grep -e grep -v gunzip gzip hard disk reclamation hdisk here-document history command hpc html httpd http logs analysis hyper-v iconv ifconfig if statement image infrarecorder install interactive script invalid and missing iptables iptables rules ipv6 irq iso image jenkins join kernel failure keyboard kickstart korn shell scripting ksh lamp installation with ansible. solved ldap ldap authentication ldapsearch ldom libraries line by line lines linux linux 6.0 lirc locale login log out loop loop for loop thru space seperated values. lsof m4000 macros mail mail attch make man match values md5 memory merging files mint monitor monitoring motif mpstat ms-dos text file multipath.conf multiple commands mysql mysql query netstat network errors networking nfs nohup ntp error solaris zone numbers open source project openstack opera oracle oracle connection osvr pam error parallel parallel processing parameter check parameter expansion parent cyber-object parse particular column print passphrase password password hide passwordless authentication path pbs perl permission permissions pgrep pid trap sikkill ping6 command pingtest pivoting table pkg install poll positional parameter positions posix postfix postfix mail log printf privacy problem programming public key python quoting raid read read command record redhat redhat 6.5 linux aws redirection regex regular expression remote control remote server remote ssh script remove duplicates remove number in file name replace a character replace nis replacing bleachbit by hand repos restore return exit code rocks rpc rsync scp script scripting script_html_format seagate search path search patterns seastat aix security sed sed - replace text with variable selected lines sendmail serial server set -n setfacl sftp sftp ssh shared file sheel script shell shell #! shell bash shell bash ksh shell parameter expansions shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscript shellscripting shell scripting shell while loop shutdown script simulation slurm smf snmp solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 10 x solaris 11 solved solved awk solved by reinstalling solaris 11.1 solved shell sort special characters sqlplus ssh ssh keyless ssh keys failure startup script stat stderr stdin string string manipulation strings style su subshell substitution substr sudo sun sun solaris 10 synchronize syslog system command systemd tail tar tee terminal command test test -f text processing timestamp touch tv shows type conversion typedef ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu 14.04.3 unexpand uniq field unique unix unix & linux - unix commands unix admin unix script unix search and cut unix shell scripting unix_programming user account utf-8 to iso-8859-1 valgrind mismatch free() delete variable variable expansion vios virus visual studio vmware vnc vpm wc wget while loop while read loop wi-fi wifi card window window manager windows windows 10 wordpress x-forwarded-for x11 xargs xargs v find -exec xorg xwindows yum zabbix zfs zones

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