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#cmdterminalcommands #find "solved" -print 5.8 access aix aix 5.3 alias amazon node andy weir apache applescript arithmetic arithmetic expansion array autosys awk awk -f awk calculation backdoors background processes backup script bad magic number bash bash arrays bash script batch bind problem bios bitcoin blkid blocking bold break bsd busybox button c++ cabal calendar cat shell scripting centos characters client close cluster column command command line merge files command substitution communications compare columns compare files complex patterns concatenate conditional print configure copy copy file cp cron cron commandline crontab crontab error csh csv csv file csv formatting curl error cut cygwin date date and time conversion date conversions decrypt defined dependency error description diff dig dircolors directory disk label display dns do loop dos to unix file conversion doxygen dox file comments dracut dsl dualboot dual booting dynamic file echo ed environment eof eval command bracket quotes exec expect expect script extract failed disk fedora fgets() field file file compare file extension filename filenames files find find -newer first boot foreach for loop fortran ftp function games gawk gawk record separator gcc gdk geoip getopts gnu grep google+ grep gtk guest he i hmc hostname hp-ux hpux hp ux html ifconfig if then improve install inverse range ip ip address iptables issue fixed. solved java.io.ioexception join kernel keyboard layout kill top 5 memory uses process korn shell ksh lan leave to me libcdio-paranoia limitation linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux command linux red hat logadm loop loop for losetup ls ls -ltr lsdev -cc adapter mac mail mailboxes make md5 memory allocation merge minux 2.0 mismatch missing dependency mknod module month mount move mutt mv mx nas ncr unix system v netapp network networking tools newline newproject nfs nfsfind nohup nth occurence oneliner open openmp oracle oracle 11g os x yosemite output pandas parameter expansion partition password password check password prompt. unix script paste path pattern perl perl anwers by file permissions php pid ping pipestatus play on linux pop print print -f printf privacy process proxy proxy server ps ps grep python python xml csv shell qemu raspberry pi raspery pi reboot redhat 6.5 redhat clustering regex regular expressions remove remove duplicates rename renaming replace reset reset password sun v490 retain loop variable value rhel rhel 6.6 rhel 7 rm rmmod route get rpm rsync rtl8188ee wireless adapter problems samba samba share problem save to file save to file itself scp without ssh keys script script awk script compare data scripting scripting to admin script loop for with wile sdiff search search file security sed sed awk sed replace selective sed wildcard sendmail sendmail tls server sftp sftp client program sftp server sftp without ssh keys sh shadow update solaris build share shell shell #! shell behavior shell commands shell loops shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script awk shell scripting signals sigttou smb smh solaris solaris 10 solaris 11.2 solve solved solved- solved awk solved thank you all sort sort csv sparc speed split spying sql squid ssh storwize string structure su substitution subtraction sudo sudoers sun sun os sysconfig syslog system call tab tail tar tar unzip tcp port tee telnet terminal test test command the martian time top tor tr transpose tripwire tui typeset ubuntu 14.10 ubuntu server 14 unex unix unix admin unix alert script unix and linux unix and windows applications unix code unix commands unix find unixodbc unix script unix script copy unix scripting unix shell script unzip utorrent variable variable assignment variable initialization version vi vim vscsi vsftpd webpage wget what is my ip address while loop wpar x11 x11 solaris10 sunos xheaders xargs xclock xen xml xml file xrandr xterm yum zip zoneadm [application 15 constructed]

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