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#replacecharacter #spool "solved" ad aix aix 5.3 aix5.3 alignment ancient ansi apache append apropos argument passing arguments arithmetic array ash authenticate auto correct automate automate script automation autosys awk awk command awk print backup bash bash arguments bash script bashscript bash scripting bc bin bos.adt.syscalls botnet botnet map bring window to front c++ c-code case cat cdrecord centos certification certs cgi change change filename check chroot c language class cluster code column column position columns command compare compare files copy core count count characters after line coverage c programming c programming coding cpu cpu cores cron cron job crontab csh csplit csv csv file csv formatting curl cut data date date and time format help date format conversion dd debian delete delimiter df differences disk disk io dmalloc duplicates dynamic variables egrep email error error report eth0 eval execution exit script expect expect programming expect script expressions extract facebook faq fedora file file count filename file processing files find find -mtime firewall folder ftp ftpd function call gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb getopts git gnome gnuplot gpio graphics grep grep exact value gtar hacmp heartbleed here document hmc hp-ux html html output httpd huge volume of data hypervisor hypervisors ide ifs import indexed iostat iptables jdbc join kernel korn shell ksh ldap ldom libtool line line number lines linux linux and unix linux commands list locked log loop looping ls lua lvm mail mail attch mailx mailx command in unix make makefile malloc man pages manpages matching memory memory free memory usage merge merge files migration monitoring mount multiline multi line' multiple multiple files mutillidae mv mysql nawk network network protocol new linux admin nfs nim not found not found script numbers obp openssl oracle os-x outlook output output redirection parse paste pattern pattern matching pattern_match pdf performance performance tuning perl perl cgi perl script permission permissions php phpmyadmin pointer printf process process id profiling tool programming tutorials proxy ps puppet purify putty python quotes raid raid diagnostics ram raspberry pi read redhat regex regexp regular expression remote remote server. remove removing newline in xml rename bash replace replace a character replace a string replace characters special replacing digits restful service return code rhel root router row rpm rsync samba san sar scp script scripting scsi search security sed sed awk sendmail sequential server wipe set variable sftp sh shell shell bash shell commands shell commands help shell pattern matching shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell variables signal handling signals slackware slow smh sms smsc unix telnet code snmp socks solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 x86 solaris 11 solaris 11 oracle boot install solved solved: sort sorting source split sql sqlplus sqlplus inside shell squid ssh string substitution substring sudo sudoers sun fire swap table tape tar tcl telnet temperature terminal test test: unknown operator text text editing text file conversion thread throttling tide chart tide data tide station tide table time timestamp top topas tput tr trigger tuning tutorials ubuntu uniq unique unix unix admin unix and linux unix script unix shell bash scripting unix shell scripting unix time stame unix to windows unzip update user account usrun variable veritas volume manager version control virtualization virtual machines vnc web web services wget while loop window windows wine wm word wordpress xargs xml xml bash shell sed awk xml parsing xml sed awk xterm x window xwindows yum zfs zip

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