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(g)awk 389 directory server @reboot advise aix aix io 4k vscsi alom ampersand ant build apache api copyright append arguments array array variables asus a8nsli automatically autostatus awk awk -f awk array sequential rows pattern awk array sort awk bash sed awk field separator awk pattern background processes bash bash script bash scripting bash_history basic. bdf begginer beginner benchmark bg binary arithmetic bourne shell c++ c-lang camera centos centos 6 cgi character checksum chmod chown clamtk cli closed column replace columns columns table unix bash column to row command line arguments commands command substitution compare compare 2 files compare columns comparison compiling compression congratulations copy correct count c programming crash create sequence on the basis of records cron csh array csv csv file cswpostfix curl cut cyber-object cyberspace situational awareness database date date and time conversion date command date conversion epoch standard dbpasswords debian decommission file systems default minimum value delete delimiter dependencies desktop development device cyber-clone df dhcp differences disable duplicates echo encrypt env event handlers socket excel exclude execl exit exit status expect extract extract data from textfile ffmpeg fields file file manipulation in unix file redirection file rename files file sharing across systems filesystem find for loop fortran gfortran fpmurphy freebsd ftp glob gnu date syntax gpu grep grep 2 words grep or gzip hard drive hash head here-document hexdump hp hpc html httpd http logs analysis hyper-v hypervisor ibm aix ilom image implicit multiplication inittab inode interactive script interactive shell internet interrupts intrinsic.h inverse range ip route iptables ipv6 iso iso image kernel module key keys kill command korn shell script ksh ksh93 printf ksh function definition ksh shell scripting linux last modification time ldap ldapclient letters line-buffered fully-buffered line by line linking linux linux 6.0 logrotate problem loop mac address macosx mail makefiles malware man page mariadb ubuntu snapshot mkdir mkfs monitor mount movies need help network networking nis nohup ntp opengraphiti openvas oracle osx terminal question overwrite pam error parallel parallel performance parameter expansion passphrase password passwordless authentication path pattern pattern matching perl ping ping6 command pipelines pivoting table pkg install pkill places.sqlite playback port number. positional parameter posix posix utility postfix postfix mail log printf print matches privacy problem programming prune python qt qt 4.8 quoting read read command reclaim disk space record seperator recovery redhat refinement regex regexp regular expression matching remove remove duplicate remove duplicates restore rhdisk rhel 6 rhel 7 rocks rpm rpm size increase rsync rsync backup rsyslogd 7.6.7 sample date looks like this: scp script script awk scripting sea secure notebook sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk sendemail sendmail separate fields sequence sequential combination server set -f setfacl sftp sh shell shell bash shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shellscripting shell scripting in sh shell script performance issue shellscripts shell script to program shell variable shutdown size smh smtp solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 11 solved solved awk solved csh tcsh argument sort spacing sparc sqlplus sqr ssh ssh2 ssh aix ssh connectivity ssh keys startup script stdin stdout string string functions strings su2 subtract sudo sunray sun solaris 10 swap syntax error tag tar tee temporary files terminal command test text file text processing tilde expansion time addition timestamp title tmp swap hanging crash tomcat log tool troubleshoot tutorial ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 unetbootin-source-625.tar.gz unexpand uniq uniq field unique unity3d unix unix & linux - unix commands unix admin unix and linux unix centos grep sed awk ping unix search and cut unix shell script unix shell scripting unix_programming utf-8 to ascii valgrind invalid read values variable variable expansion vim vio virtual box virus vm vmware vpm vpn warp coordinates wc while read loop whitelist windows windows server wordpress words x11 xargs xargs arguments xgrabbutton xml parsing xscf xstreamos xterm yum zip zombie proces zpool zsh

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