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.msg file 389 directory server aix aix 7 shell scripting from perl aix 7.1 aliases alternative always iana ant apache apache 2.4 api copyright apt-get array array;reverse array autocopy autosys availability awk awk and sort on difference of fields awk array awk date wget awk filename awk gsub awk script awk sed column compare awk sed perl bart bash bash select bg big file blank line boot: cannot open kernel sparcv9 unix bootable usb-stick under bsd bootloader bracket break line awk grep c++ calibre camera case statement cat centos chmod clamav cli code combine files comm command substitition commas community compare compare 2 files compare two files column position compiled concatenate struct value to char copy correct count c programming crash cron crontab csh csh array csv curious curl cut cygwin date and time format help debian deduplication deep learning delete delete look up delimiter file unix dhcp relay digital privacy directory disable user disc disk geometry disks disk space; script distribution dive algorithm dns documentation duplicated echo email error handling escape character etherchannel ethernet even fields excel exec command execute exit from case expect extern function delcaration extract xml attribute values facebook file file comparison file content fileexist filename file redirection files file transfter file watcher find find & delete find executable fold fork for loop format formatting fortran forwardslash freebsd ftp ftp directory permissions garbage-in-garbage-out gcc gedit gnome ubuntu linux weird git gmail grep grep -v grouping records gsub gui gzip hang headers high hmc hosting hpc httpd hyper-v hyperdb if condition issue if then else inactivity init input redirection insert insert text at position installation installation problems instead of bleach bit or sweeper intel hd graphics 4000 ipa server name iproute2 ips iptables ipv6 java java javac join jvm kill process killwithin5min korn shell ksh laziness ldap ldif lines in file linux logrotate logrotate problem loop loop script loop thru space seperated values. lpad lvm lvm2 machine learning macros mail mail relay server make files man mdadm raid media memory memory capping migration mitel mksysb modification monitoring moving file multi-line multiple coulmns multiplication mutt mv mysql network network errors nfs nohup no space left on device null number openssh openstack oracle oracle linux output redirect pacemaker pacemaker cluster parallel parameter expansion passphrase passwd password passwordless connectivity passwordless sftp patch pattern pdb chain identifier pebkac percentile performance perl perl time date format php pivoting table pkg install pkill positional parameter posix power 8 preproceesor directive printf problem connecting project provider redirection ps puppet python python indentation qos r-solution raid mdadm dstat read read command recursion recursive red hat redhat regex regexp regular expressions relocate relocation remote server remove number in file name rename replace nis report lab rgmanager rhel 7 rpm rpm --replacepackages rsh profile rsync san scp script scripting search search and copy security sed sed - replace text with variable select selected lines self-exec sendmail server set -o errexit sftp sftp connection sftp server sh sha-256 shell shell bash ksh shell bash ksh oracle shell command line arguments shell loops shell scipting shellscript shell script shell script commands shell scripting shellscripting simulation soalris socat solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.3 solaris auditing solarus nfs solved solved awk sort soya3d specific past date split split awk splitting sql output to shell variable sqlplus ssconvert ssh ssh -n sshkey startup startup script strlen substr sudo sun fire v490 sunray fog sybase syntax syntax error sysconfig table tail tapatalk tar tcsh text file text processing time touch tr trigger tweak typedef ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu 14.04.3 ubuntu snap undocumented uniq unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix commands unix for advanced & expert users unix join not in sorted order unix scripting bash awk unix shell bash scripting unix shell script unix_programming unset update variable expansion vi vim vip virtualbox virtualization virtual machine virus vlookup vm vmware vnc vsphere wc while loop while read loop wildcard pattern matching windows windows directory path assignment workload automation x11 xargs xml bash shell sed awk yosemite zfs pool [solved ]

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