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#rm %si "solved" (solved) 10 @ not working ad address aix aix 5.3 aix 6.1 alias all pc alom ancient android apache argument passing array arrays ash autolist autosys awk awk -v fields records awk date awstats analyser backup bash bash arrays bashscript bash script bash scripting batch file bin bind boot bootenv bsd c++ case cde centos cgi check chrome cisco cisco 1921 c language class clstat code colors column columns combination command command substitution compare compare files comparison compute avreage with awk control m convergent technologies copy copy directory copy files core c programming c programming coding cron cron jobs crontab csh csv csv files curl client authentication cut datacenter migration date date and time format help date format conversion debian df dhcp differences different fileextension directory display dmalloc dns dosbox double free or corruption duplicate records duplicates seperator awk egrep email environment eol error etc lutab eval exit script expect expect programming expect script extended regular expression extract facing problem in ftp shell scripting faq faulty fdisk file files file wait find find grep ksh firefox for do done foreach for loop ftp gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb getline gnu gpio grep grep -a. grub properties gtar hacmp header help needed. here-documents here document hex to decimal conversion hmc html html mail body httpd hypervisor hypervisors ide import index inittab input input file ipc ipsec vpn iptables iptables block port network javascript jil join join files kickstart ksh ldap lhea limit line linux linux commands list liveimage logfile loop looping loop shell bash while ls lvm macro mail mailx make makefile malloc map match matching math scripts maximum memory memory usage merge merge files metacharacters migration mkpasswd mountd move multiline multiple multiple entries multiple files multiplication mv mysql network network administration network bridge linux brctl networking nfs nfs4 nim nohup noob numbers oozie openoffice oracle osx output parse parsing passwd passwordless authentication paste patch patching pattern matching percentage performance perl perl cgi php phpmyadmin pid pipes plink port posix powerha printf process monitor profiling tool proxmox proxy ps puppet putty python question from beginner quotes quoting raid raid1 range raspberry pi read recovery redhat regex regexp regular expression remote remove rename files rename multiple files replace replace a character replace a string replace control m restful service rm root rpm rsync san sc scope scp script scripting search search and copy between tags sed sed awk sendmail sendmail tls serial connection server service packs sftp sh sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell variable signal handling smh snapshot sockets solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 login solved solved: solved awk sort sorting sovled spaces sparc specific split split a big file into multiple files sql sqlldr control file. sqlplus ssh string string concatenation strtok structure subdirectories substitution substring sudo swap syntax error syntax error or no result at stdout tar tar command telnet temperature terminal test text manipulation time top tr txt files udp uniq unix unix admin unix and linux unix and linux forum unix critical services unix real time practice unix script unix servers services and process unix shell script url user user account usr utf-8 values variable variable evaluation variable expansion variables vastool vector vi editor vio virtualization virtual machines vmstat vnc vpn wakeonlan wc web web services wget while loop while read loop whiptail window wlan0 word count xlib xml xml parsing xterm xterm -bg -fg pairings x window xwindows zfs zip zones zsh ^m

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