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#redhat "solved" .tgz @ not working ainstin aix aix 5.3 aix7.1 alias android apache apple architecture argument passing array arrays ash asterisk autosys awk awk list array backup backup error handling bash bash arrays bash script bashscript bash scripting bash_script batch batch file batch script beginning bin bind block boot bsd c++ c++ in unix cache calculation capacity planning case cde cde startup files centos chrome cisco c language code column command command substitution compare compare fields in files copy copy and replace copy directory copy files core count cpu cron cron entries cron jobs cron problem number one crontab csh cshell csv csv formatting csvprasing curl cut cygwin x date date and time format help date format conversion debian differences display dns documentroot drop_caches drupal dst duplicate duplicate records duplicate rows echo egrep email emptry empty files environment error escaping eval exit status faq fdisk fedora file file access time file attributes file comparisons files find firefox force fixed decimal steps foreach for loop freebsd ftp ftps ftp svc solaris 10 function call gdb getline getmail gnu gnuplot gpio graph grep grep awk gui gunzip hacmp hardware refresh here document hex history hmc html httpd hypervisor hypervisors ibm-i series ide idle ifs if statement between array ihs image increment install interval iostat ipc iphone6 ipsec vpn iptables isilon java javascript join joke kickstart kill; killproc; process; terminate kill command ksh kvm line line break lines linux linux commands locked log loop ls lvm macros mail mailx makefile malloc memory memory fragmentation memory rules merge files metacharacters migration mount move msgget multiline multi line' multiple mv mysql network network administration networking nfs nohup noob nr==fnr oozie openlook openssl operations oracle oracle 11g osx output parameters parse parser parsing password patching pattern pattern matching percentage performance perfromance perl perl cgi perl script pfctl php phpmyadmin posix power8 powerha printf print in one line process auditing processes profile deletes profile file profiling tool prompt proxmox proxy ps ps1 python quotes quoting raspberry pi read read a file recovery redhat redirections regex regexp regular expression remote remote access remove rename files rename multiple files replace replace a string replace string in filenames and file restful service rhel 6 rm root rpm rsync san scope scp screen script script from ksh scripting search sed sed awk sed awk bash shell select sendmail sendmail tls serial connection serial port server setgid bits sftp sh sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell line continuation shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shell variable skel smh snapshot snmp walk configuration socks software solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 login solaris 11.2 solved solved: solved awk sort sort by column sorting sovled spaces sparc split split a big file into multiple files sql sqlldr control file. sqlplus sql server ssh string string concatenation strtok style subdirectories substitution sudo sun fire sunfire x4600 m2 swap swapping values syntax error tar tcl regexp tee telnet terminal text processing time tl top tr tunneling two way authentication factor udp unique unix unix and linux unix and linux forum unix script unix server monitoring prerequisite unix shell unzip unzipping ups url user account users usrun utf-8 variable variable evaluation variables vector version control vi editor vios virtual machines vm vnc vpn vx_nospace watch web web services wget while loop while read line while read loop wildcards window wine word count xlc compiler on linux xlib xlsx xml xml parsing xterm xterm -bg -fg pairings x window xwindows zip zones

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