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$path 'make uninstall' * abc * 2 machines 10 11iv3 2500 aix aix 5.3 aix gui vnc ibm websphere aix memory limit maxdata alias apache arcsin aria2c on youtube arithmetic syntax error in ksh arrays ascending assign to variable automount awesome wm awk awk and sort on difference of fields awk file manipulation awk perl awk script awk shell pattern big file background job bash bash scripting battery between 2 strings; grep between; bind boot bsd bug busybox c++ c-shell script cabal call sql script from shell script centos change character chess games chmod c language closed cmp cognos column columns comma delimited command line merge files command substitution comment block of text config configure console cp cpan c programming cron crontab csv csv file cut command date date command db2 dd_raid debian debian 8.1 deduplication deep shredder defined delay deletion des df df -k hang diff directory disk disk errors diskutil display display 10 to 1 ushing shell programming dns dns problems domain domains dos to unix file conversion dpkg dynamic echo eco egrep emc powerpath environment variables epoch equijoin exec expect extended regular expression extract ffmpeg fgrep field field splitting file file compare file content filename files find fold folder acess for cycle for loop format data fortran freebsd ftp function for random mac gawk generate random sequence alphanumerical globbing gnus grep grep -v gsscred_clean gzip hacmp hard hardware hardware maintenance hba hdd test head he i hook hostname hostname resolution hosts file how to open webpage through unix hp-ux hp server hang hp unix hpux hp ux html html tags httpd ibm if-then-fi ifconfig if else ignite ilo image injection install internet interval i o error ip ipfilter ipmp iptables irc java kernel keyboard input keyboard layout kill kill pids kill process kill top 5 memory uses process korn ksh ksh arguments large files las ldap group query leap year learn leave to me line breaks linux linux command linuxcon list files location logadm login loop ls lsdev lsdev -cc adapter lua mac os x mail mail attch mailx make error match columns mean std awk memory memory storage merge two file missing dependency mkdev modified date module mount mpi multiply mv nas nawk need help in wget or curl command negative operand net mask netstat network network manager newbie newfs newline character removal nis oios openssl oracle sql original formatting overwriting versus truncating open file package padded string parameter expansion parse password patching pattern mataching and delete patterns performance perl permission denied permissions pid print printf process programming ps python read reboot reconfig redirections regex regexp replace request return status reverse rhel 6 routes routing table row rppol samba samba share problem sco script script awk scripting search and replace in a file secure security sed sed - replace text with variable sed append sed awk sed replace selective sftp sh shell shell argument shell array shell awk getline shell bash ksh shell call shell commands shell quoting shell scipting shell script shell scripting shell syntax shell variable shell variables shutdown simple smh snmp solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solve solved solved awk solved by upgrading to 5.0.6 sort sort csv sorting data source sox sparc specific character split sql loader sqlplus sql plus ssh ssh -q remotehost 'bash -s' ssl status stockfish strange streams string strings substitution sudo sunblade swapnil mawle syntax error syslog tail tar tar extract tee ternary test text text processing tier 2 time tls torwing error tr traceroute tripwire ubuntu ultrix ufs unica unintended result uniq unix unix admin unix and linux unix code unix shell bash scripting unix shell script unix shell scripting unix shell variables unix to linux unterminated quoted string update url-redirect usb3 c on oios openindiana user management users variable variable assignment variable expansion vastool version vicious vim vscsi wget while loop while loop ssh exiting wildcard windows with checksum xargs xml xml file xterm xwindow yum zfs zip zless zoneadm zones zpools [sdh]

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