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#cmdterminalcommands #libraries -print 5.8 @ not working aix aix 7.1 apache apache2 applescript arithmetic array assembly asterisk attachment autologin kubuntu autosys awk awk bash awk sed background processes back reference backup bash bash arrays bash ascii shell script awk bash globbing bash script bash substitution batch bbcode bios bold bsd c++ c++ in unix c-code cache capacity planning cat cde centos cgi check chrome cisco close cluster column columns command command-line command line commands compare compare columns compare fields in files compare files conditional print configuration files connect copy copy files count count occurrences of a string c programming cpu cron cron entries crontab csh csv csv file curl cut cyberaom vpn ipsec auto disconnect cygwin date debian debian jessie dig directories directory dir_colors dns duplicate dynamic list echo efi email error errorlog monitoring executable ex editor exit status expect expect script extract data extraction f5 fail fan fedora fetchmail file file permissions files filter find floatpoint foreach for loop form forum ftp ftp svc solaris 10 functions gawk gerp gnuplot gnuplot graphs monitoring script google+ goto graph grep grep -f gtk gzip hash function header file hmc hp-ux hpux igawk improve indentation infinite trap input install integration of bashshell iptables issue java java proxy setting javascript join korn shell ksh ksh arguments kvm launcher libraries limit linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux kernel linux mint 17 list log logsave loop looping in unix ls lvm mail mail linux search delete mailx make makefile match matching memory memory allocation memory issue merge modification date monitor monitoring mount move multiple multiple files multiple patterns mv mysql nat ncr unix system v network newproject nfs nfs root permissions nmon no match and match noobie nss openssl openswan openvpn oracle oracle 11g output parameters parse parsing password passwordless authentication paste paste columns path pattern pattern match performance performance tuning perl perl mail html image message permissions pfctl php ping pipestatus pop3 port portmap powerha print printf print in one line process programming proxy proxy server ps put python python text python xml csv shell query rcp read read a file reboot recovery redhat regex regular expression regular expressions remote access remote commands remove rename replace retain loop variable value rhel rhel 6 rhel 6.6 rm routing rpc rsync samba samsung san save to file scp script scripting search and print search file search string security sed sed awk regexp replace segmentation fault sendmail serial port server sftp shell shell argument shell bash shell commands shell line continuation shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shellscripting shell script syntax simultaneously sleep smh snort software solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 boot failure solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solaris os solved solved. this works as expected. thanks solved: solved: sed with and \ and double quotes solved awk solved linux solved sed solved thank you all sort sort multiple fields spaces sparc sparcstation specific split sql sql server squid ssh sshpass ssl stored procedure string string grep strings stty subtraction sudo sudoers sum by column sun suse suse enterprise linux 12 syntax t2000 table output tail grep output file tar tar command tar unzip telnet temperature terminal textfile text processing than you all time tomcat5 windows7 tools and drivers top tr transpose tui tunneling ubuntu 14.10 udp uniq unix unix alert script unix and linux unix code unix commands unix find unix script ups usb device users utorrent variable variable expansion vector vi editor vim vio nic virtualisation vm vmware vpn vscsi vsftpd wait webpage wget what is my ip while loop wildcards window windows word count write conf wxgtk xargs xml xml parsing yestedays date zip zone zones [solved]

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