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#redhat "solved" @ not working aix aix5.3 aix 5.3 alias alignemnt amiga analysis ancient android apache architecture argument passing array arrays ash attachment authenticate autologin kubuntu automatic autosys awk awk exclude rows awk text processing backup bash bash; bashscript bash script bash scripting batch file bin bind biology boost boot bsd c++ calculation case cat centos cgi chrome cisco c language closed cluster code codelite colors column columns combination command command history compare compare files conversion copy copy files core coverage c programming c programming coding cron cron jobs crontab csh csv cut cygwin data format date date and time format help date format conversion debian debian squeeze delete files using year df dhcp differences documentroot dos2unix duplicate rows ebook echo egrep email empty files environment error eval exec command expect expect programming expect script extract facing problem in ftp shell scripting faq fdisk file file comparisons file handling files file size filter text find firefox folder foreach for loop fs ftp functions gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb gensub getline gnu gpio grep grep -a. gtar gui ha hacmp hardware here document hivescript hmc hp-ux 11.31 hp-ux csplit htaccess html httpd hypervisor hypervisors ide ifs import input input file ipc iptables iptables ipset javascript jdbc jobs join files joining lines keep duplicates kickstart ksh ksh sqlplus variable filter ldap local user openldap search line linux linux commands list little endian locale locking log logging loop looping ls lvm mail mailx make makefile malloc match md5sum memory memory usage merge merge files metacharacters mgmtdomain migration mkpasswd mount move multiline multiple multiple files multiple line manipulation mv script shell corrupt filesystem mysql network network administration networking new line newline new linux admin nfs nim n last lines for calculation nochroot nohup noob numbers obp openldap opensuse oracle oracle connection oracle cursors in unix osx output parse parser password paste patch patching path pattern pattern matching percentage performance perfromance perl perl cgi permission php phpmyadmin pipes poodle port posix printf process id process monitor profiling tool proxmox proxy ps purify putty python query quotes quoting raid raid10 raspberry pi read read a file reading values recovery recursion redhat redhat linux 6.5 regex regexp regular expression remote rename files rename multiple files replace replace a character replace a string replace ^m restful service rm root rpm rsa keys matching rsync rsync errors run script in parallel in while loop. san scope scp script scripting search sed sed awk sendmail sendmail restricted network sequence serial connection server setgid bits sftp sh sheel script shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shellscripting shell variable smh snapshot solaris solaris 9 solaris 10 solved solved: solved awk sort sorting sparc split split a big file into multiple files spouse sql sqlplus sql server ssh string style su subshell execution environment substitution substring sudo swap syntax error tar telnet temperature terminal terminal command test threading time tns entry top tr tutorial txt files unix unix admin unix and linux unix and linux forum unix demap function unix script unix script;unix scripting unix scripting basics unix shell scripting unix time stame unix to windows url utf-8 values variable variable evaluation variable expansion variables verify logs and emails vi editor vim virtualbox virtualization virtual machine virtual machines vmstat vnc vpn vx_nospace web web services wget while loop while read loop window windows-unix windows 7 wireless word count x-window-system xen xls xml xml parsing xml sed awk xterm x window xwindows zfs zfs rpool zip zones

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