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.jpg 2d array access acl aix aix 6.1 amazon ansi apache apache2 append apropos argument arithmetic array array variables aspell audit authentication auto correct automate automation autosys awk awk -f awk array awk bash backup base error bash bash -x bash command bash scripting bc bktr books boot bootentry bootloader boot script botnet botnet map c++ c-code case case statement cat centos certification certs change filename char device check cifs c language cli cluster column command command output compile compress condition consecutive continuous copy copy directory cp find specific copy files and subdirs copy section of file count cron cron job crontab csh csv csv file csv formatting curl cut cygwin daemon data database date date calculation db2 script dbseo dd-wrt decimal point delete delete line desktop dhcp diff 2 file dig directory disk dns du duplicates dynamic variables echo epoch converter error eth0 etherchannel eval function execute permission for shell script existence expect expect programming expect script extract lines facebook faq file file checking file creation file formats file io filename file permissions filesystem file transfer find find & replace find -name format fortran ftp getopts git goto gpg gpl grep grub grub2 hacmp header hp-ux hpsmh html http httpd huge volume of data ibm icmp ignite-ux indirection infrastructure monitoring install integer intellistation ip iptables java kernel korn korn shell korn shell script korn shell scripting ksh last referenced date ldap libtool line line by line line number linking linux linux and unix linux device driver list log file login problem loop looping a file ls lv lvm mail mail attch mailx command in unix maintenance makefile manpages man pages matrix memory management mirror mod_rewrite monitoring month day hour minute fail2ban mount mount fileystem. etc fstab mysql nagios nas nawk need help in restarting process need to interpret sed network nfs nginx nim nmon analycer ntp number openbox openbsd openssl oracle output packages pam parse parsing files partition passwd password pattern pattern match pattern matching pattern_match performance perl perl module perl script permissions php ping pipe delimited pointer port port 443 post postfix print printer printf print lines between two string process programming provisioning ps ps1 putty python qmail raid ram raspberry pi read real memory redhat red hat 6 regex regexp regular expression remote remove removing newline in xml replace reports rhel rhel 6 router console routing protocols row rpm r script rsync rsync root delete samba san scan sco scrapping script script scripting scripts search security sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk selinux sendmail server sftp shebang shell shell bash shell commands shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script awk shell script ftp shell scripting shell variables signal handling signals slackware sleep for few mins and restart smh sms smsc unix telnet code snmp snmpd solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 10 x86 solved sort sort a file content with space sorting speed split sql sqlplus inside shell squid ssh sshd sssd stderr string string manipulation student su -c subshell substitution sun sym links system () function table tapatalk tar tcl tcp tcsh teamviewer tee terminal text text file text file conversion text files textutil tide chart tide data tide station tide table time timestamp tomcat tops transfer files translating trigger tropics truss output tuning ubuntu umount uniq unique unix unix and linux unix script unix script;unix scripting unix script help... unix shell scripting unzip update uuid variable variables vbseo veritas volume manager version option vi vios virtualisation vlan vmware solaris network vmware workstation vswitch warning wget whatis while loop whois windows work xml yum zones

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