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#aix serial printing .tracefile 56kbit modem @include igawk gawk address a film aix aix shell scripting al alert ampersand apcupsd append arch linux arithmetic expansion array arrays assign matching values audit log autosys avoid backslashes awk awk inbuilt variables assignment awr background back to the old days backup script bash bash nested function scope bash script bash scripting bell labs binary file bios bootadm botnet member bug c++ case statement cat cd centos centos 6 change sequence of lines checking condition cifsmount circular clementine client cli prompt cloning closed clsnmp cmake command line arguments compile complex numbers concatenate constructor convert count count characters in file create modify user cron csh csv csv formatting csv parsing curl cut cybersecurity cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness date date and time conversion debian debian 8.5 default gateway dhcp diff 2 file diff command direct printing in aix discussion dsl modem editor egrep environment variables ethernet evaluation order excel excel file formatting expect expect script external hard drive faq fc fedora ffmpeg ffprobe stream info record file file edit files filter data filtering find find command find files and sort by timestamp firefox flask for line in file for loop file shuffle directories fsync() ftp ftp file gawk gawk script no results gcc compiler installation geo blocking github glibc gnome gnome-shell gps gpu grep gsub hadoop hdd health hddtemp header file header validation homework help how to remove blanks end hpc https url ibm ibm aix id3v2 if statement implementaion incompatible types indirection inetd informix init messages console startup shutdown install installing installshield 2012 internal intersection inventory ip irc iscsi 10.20 isql for sql server table's rows counts java java calss javascript jfs2 jil job-scheduling join join lines jrehome junk characters keypressed kill korn shell ksh ksh loops awk xml lacp lan ldap authentication ldapclient ldoms limit filesize line matching linux linux 6.0 linux 6.2 linux and unix linux awk unix scripts linux from scratch linux permissions linux routing vpn load balancing in unix log extract logic or logs loop looping lvm lvreduce mailutils mailx make median migration mksysb mpi multiline commands multiple columns mv mysql net-snmp newbie nfs anonymous nis migration;linux nis;solaris client; nl nohup odbc openpyxl openssl openssl remove operating system optmization oracle ors overflow parallel parallel processing parameter expansion parsing passwd password patch path pdb file performance monitoring perk perl perl-options perl regular expressions pgrep php ping pipe file pipes plan9 pl sql pointer postgres printf printing print line print queue process program programming prompt python queries randomize read recognizable files or not? redhat red hat reduce the size of a logical volume regex reinstall system remote server removed ` in if condition rename file replace replace text resolved return value rhel 7 rhel7 root rsync rtnetlink run unix alias samba san scheduled job scp script script awk scripting scrub scsi sd secure copy sed sed awk sed awk grep replace newline sendmail serial serial port set command sftp sh sha1sum shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell scri shell scrip shell script shellscript shell script commands shellscripting shell scripting shell scripting in sh shell script variables shell while loop shift shrink filesystem signal sip call size of luns skype sleep slowing snmp socket socket programming software solaris solaris 8 failures solaris11 solarwinds solved solved awk solved awk file split solved shell solved ssh sort sparc split split string sql ssh sshpass ssh_original_command sssd status stderr storage string string aix csh cut string matching subnet substitute search replace sudo sudo su login automation sun os swap file sym links syslogd tab completion tab delimited file tail tar tcl tcl regexp tcsh script text text text processing time period top tr trusted mode ubuntu uefi unable to use if and find together unexpected character uniq unique unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix installation unixodbc unix script;unix scripting user experience user lookup uwsgi variable comparison variable expansion vault7 vbstatus vi vintage virtualization void while condition who is in charge wordpress x11 xargs xlsx xmake xmlstarlet xwindows

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