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#replacecharacter #spool "solved" (solved) address ainstin aix aix 5 aix 5.3 aix7.1 alias ancient android apache apache2.2 custom error logs append archiving argument argument passing array ash automate script automation autosys awk awk text processing awstats analyser backgrond backup backup script bash bash script bashscript bash scripting batch file bc bin bktr boot booting bos.adt.syscalls bourne shell bring window to front c++ cable case cat centos cgi change c language cluster code column column position columns comma delimited command compare compare files console convert text to html table copy copy and replace copy file. core coverage c programming c programming coding cron cron jobs crontab csh csv csvprasing curl client authentication curly braces cut cygwin x dallas data date date and time format help date format conversion debian delete delete blank line df differences digit disk dladm dos2unix duplicates egrep email environment error error analysis escaping etc lutab ethtool eval expect expect programming expect script extract faq file filename filename date manipulation files file wait find find first 5 characters in the file name firefox firewall for do done foreach freebsd ftp function call gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb getline gpio grep grep patter and display lines below gtar gtkdialog hacmp here document hex hex encoded file hmc html httpd humor hypervisor hypervisors ibm-i series ide import indirection input file ipc iptables iptables block port network isosurface join files kernel korn shell ksh language c ldom length limit line lines linux linux and unix linux commands load balancing locked account loop looping ls lvm mail mailx make makefile malloc match matching matching files memory memory usage merge merge files metacharacters mightyframe migration monitoring mountd move multiline multiple multiple files mysql name resolution nc network network administration networking new linux admin nfs nim node.js nohup no line wrapping noob numbers openssl opensuse 13.1 operator precedence option oracle outlook output output redirection packages parse passwd password hide paste patch patching pattern pattern matching percentage performance perl perl cgi permission permissions php phpmyadmin posix power7 powervm precision printer profile deletes profiling tool proxmox proxy ps purify putty python quotes quoting raid ram raspberry pi read read values from second file in awk recovery recursion redhat redirection regex regexp regular expression remove rename files rename multiple files renaming logical volume group name replace replace a string replace string in filenames and file resolv.conf restful service rhel rhel 6 root router rpm rsync rsync errors run samba san scope scp script scripting scsi search search filed sed sed awk sendmail sftp sh sheel script shell shell awk getline shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell programming shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell script reading data shell variable shell variables slow smh snapshot soft link solaris solaris 10 solaris10 update6 solaris 11 solaris zones solved solved: solved awk sort sorting sparc split split a big file into multiple files splitting file spouse sql sqlplus sqlplus inside shell ssh ssh config sshd storage string subshell execution environment substitution substring sudo sudoers swap swapping values syntax error table tape tar tcsh tee telnet temperature test time timeradd tomcat top tr traspose udp unix unix; command unix and linux unix and linux forum unix script unix scripting basics unix shell script unix time stame url utf-8 values variable variable evaluation variable expansion variables vds vios virtualisation virtualization virtual machines vmware fusion vnc vpn vpn routing wakeonlan web web services wget while loop whiptail window wordpress xargs xen xml xml parsing xml sed awk xterm xterm -bg -fg pairings x window xwindows yum zfs zip [solved]

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