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"." (solved) *buntu --purge .msg file aix aix 6.1 aix 7.1 alias alternative ant array automated installation autosys awk awk and sort on difference of fields awk array awk data processing awk filename awk gsub awk script backup backup error handling bart bash bash select bash symlink blank line boolean boot error bootloader bracket bsub calibre case statement centos chmod cloning closed code tags column command substitition community compare two files column position compressed file configuration copy coredump c programming cr crontab csh csv csv file csv formatting curious curl cut cygwin date and time format help debian deduplication delete delete look up delimiter file unix delimit file depepndency desktop df directories directory directory tree disable disc disks distribution dlmp dns documentation duplicated echo elfclass32 email eme environment variables execute exit code exit from case expect expect script extern function delcaration extract molecule from multi-mol2 file file fileexist file handling filename file permissions file redirection files filesystems file transfer file transfter file watcher find find & delete find executable flicker floating point arithmetic for do done fork for loop for loop shell scripting formatting formatting excel for update statement ftp ftp directory permissions gateway gmail gnucash google grep grep -v grep between dates grep fgrep grouping records gvfsd-metadata gzip hacmp hang hardware platform details headers high highlight how to split a file html ibd ibm ts3310 id -a if then else ilom import inactivity input redirection insert insert text at position installation ip ipa server name ips iptables ipv6 irssi isql java javac joining lines json juliandate kernel source keyfile kill process killwithin5min klibc korn shell script ksh ksh93 ldap authentication ldif lenovo x230 lines in file linux linux 6.4 linux at command linux server logout loop loop script lpad ls lvm lvm2 mail mailx make files mdadm raid memory memory capping merge files missing command mitel mkdvd mksysb monitoring monitoring memory mount move moving file multiple multiple coulmns multiple parameters to functions multiplication mutliple wildcards mv mx mysql nat netcat network network manager newlines nfs null number openssh openvpn open xml file oracle oracle linux order output in awk ors padd parameter expansion parsing data passwd passwordless connectivity passwordless sftp paste patch path pattern pattern matching pdf pebkac perl perl time date format php php 7 pipeline pipestatus plugins portland power 8 prepend print printf project ps pvresize python python indentation raspberry pi raw_input rdx read redhat regex regexp regular expressions relocate relocation remove duplicates with in array rename replace a string rest-api rgmanager rhel rhel 7 rngd routing rpm rs rsh profile rsync samba scp script scripting scv2xlsx search search and copy security sed sed awk regexp replace select self-exec sendmail server set set -o errexit sftp sftp connection sftp script sh shell shell bash ksh shell bash ksh oracle shell command line arguments shell loops shell pattern matching shell quoting shell scipting shellscript shell script shell script file handling with commands shell scripting snap socat socket solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.3 solaris11u2 solaris audit solarus nfs solved solved awk solved sed solved syntax error sonode sort soya3d sparc specific column # replacement split split awk splitting sql sqlplus ssh ssh aix sshd status of sftp connection in linux str streams string strlen substr sudo sum columns content sun fire v490 sun os syntax systemd system design table tail tapatalk tcpdump tensorflow tesseract text processing time timestamps touch tr trap ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu 14.10 ufs ulimit undocumented uniq uniq commnd problem unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix and linux forum unix commands unix for advanced & expert users unix join not in sorted order unix script unix shell bash scripting unix shell script unix shell scripting update usermod vi vim vip subscription virtualbox virtual machine virtual memory vlookup vmware vnc server wait wget what to do? while loop while read loop windows directory path assignment xfce4-terminal xml xml parsing zfs pool zgrep zones [solved ]

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