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#cmdterminalcommands #find #osx "awk" "solved" "solved" -print aix aix 7 aix 7.1 algorithms alom apache apache2 applescript argument arithmetic arithmetic expansion array audit autosys awk awk -f awk bash backdoors background processes backup backup script bash bash command bash script bash substitution bask freq fixedlengthfile batch bind problem bios blkid blocking bold boot bsd buffer c++ c-code cache capture number in specific position cat cat filename|while read line cde ceil centos check client close cluster cmake cobol unix call return value column columns command command line command precedence commands command substitution compare compare files concatenate grep conditional print configuration files connectivity copy coredump core dump corona688 corruption count rows cp cron crontab csh csv csv file curl cut cut file cygwin data date date comparision dbis deleting dig directory dir_colors dns doxygen dox file comments dpkg configure new name to usb-drive duplicate dynamic file ed enable environment error exclude executable exit expect expression f5 failed failed disk favorite fedora field file file attributes files find find -perm finding floating numbers foreach fork for loop form fortran forum ftp fun gawk gcc getopts google+ goto grep grep -e grep -f gtk hmc home directory permissions hp hp-ux hpux html html mail body http if then input install internal inverse range ip networking iptables issue join keepalived korn shell ksh large files ldom lftp limitation linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux command line linux commands linux operating system list logrotate problem loop looping in unix ls ls -ltr lsi sas 2308 mac mail mailboxes mailx make makefile managed systems map match memory memory allocation merge minux 2.0 mkdir moderator reminder questions move multiple files mutt mv mx nat ncurses network newline nfs nfs file system nfs root permissions nis nmon nohup no such file nsf numeric office open source oneliner open open solaris oracle oracle 11g oracle linux os x yosemite output paging parameter expansion parsing partition pass a long argument password password check paste paste columns path pattern mataching and delete pattern match performance performance tuning perl permissions php png pop port postfix print print -f process process monitor process state program programming project proxy proxy server ps python python text python virtualenv python xml csv shell qemu read read line by line reboot redhat clustering regex regular expressions remove rename renaming renaming multiple files replace reset rhel rhel 6.6 rhel 7 rm roman letters rows rpm packaging rsh rsync samba save to file sco openserver 5.0.7 sco unix scp scp with password as argument script scripting search search file security sed sendmail send_user serialnumber server sftp sftp without ssh keys sftp with password as argument sha-1 share shared memory shares shell shell #! shell bash shell behavior shell commands shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script commands shell scripting skip line smh solaries ping command solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 boot disk solaris 10 x86 can't boot solaris11 solaris 11.2 solaris network configuration solved solved. this works as expected. thanks solved: solved awk solved sed solved thank you all sort sort csv sparc specific split squid ssh ssh1 ssh3 ssh key copy sshpass ssh ssh timeout ssl stdout stderr output redirection storwize string string grep strings substitution sudo sudoers sun sun os svn syntax syntax error system call system calls system command tab delimited file table output tail-f tar telnet terminal test time top total tr transpose tui udp ultra 20 m2 unexpected behavior unix unix admin unix alert script unix and linux unix commands unix find unix script urgent help usb device user variable variable expansion virtual machine vm vmware vnc waitpid weblogic webmin webpage wget while loop windows 7 write conf x10sl7-f xargs xml from text xml parsing xmltocsv zip \n

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