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#unix #not found #error $path .def 2 machines 2500 acl active directory add spaces aix aix 5.3 aix 5.3 and 6.1 aix suma smitty http proxy apache arcsin arguments array arrays audioscope automation automount awk awk command awk pattern matching awk perl background job back reference backup bash bash -c bash arguments bash scripting batch batch-file beginner between 2 strings; grep between; binary file bind bits boot bsd byte swapping bzgrep c++ call sql script from shell script case statement cat centos cgrep chgrp chmod chown clean clone closed cluster cluster version cobol column columns combine two text files permute comma delimited commands compare fields completion compress continuous non empty xml tags copying files corrupt counter cp crontab csv csv file curl php sms receive display on webpage cut cycle through date date command date last login date manipulation day debian debian 8.1 deep shredder directory tree disk diskutil dnf yum dns dns problems documents domain dos2unix dst dual boot dynamic echo egrep el capitan email emc powerpath end entire file epoch eth0 exist extension extracting files from subdirectories fan faq fgrep file file attributes file content file createion file encryption files file transfer find find mismatch fold font for do done for loop fortran fstab ftp ftp script to file transfer function for random mac gawk gnus grep grep -v grep between dates group hardware header files hmc power7 power8 lpar memory hp-ux hpux html htop http: last.cbrc.jp ibd ibm ibm ts3310 identd if-then-fi if else ifs ilo infinite loop install intel video interrupts i o error i o errors iptables jenkins jump start keep header kernel kill ksh ksh arguments ksh command large files ldap ldoms leap year learn line breaks linux linux and unix linux script linux shell scripting list files login session logrotate problem loop loops mac os x mail make error makefile manager mcookie memcached memory merge two file modinit move files mpi_gatherv mpi_scatterv multiple multiple files transfer mysql nanosleep netstat network nfs nomachine nx not exist number number of lines oios openldap openmp openssl open xml file oracle osx parameter expansion parse parse file password path performance perl perl array perldoc permission denied permissions ping command ping remote server and port pipe pkg postfix print printf process processid ps putty python python ping query quote marks quoting rc4 rcmd rdx read reader reboot redhat 5 redirections regex regexp region name regular expressions rename replace rest-api return empty rhel rhel 6 root routes routing row rs6000 rsync ruby samba windows cups san screencast script scripting scripts search search and print search an replace in file by position secure security sed sendemail sendmail sequential numbering server sftp put upload file files sh sheel script shell shell argument shell array shell awk getline shell commands shell comments shell quoting shell scipting shell script shell scripting shuffle simple smb soft kill solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solaris srwxrwxrwt solved solved byravindersingh13 solved by upgrading to 5.0.6 solved linux sonode sort sort csv sort date sorting data space split sql sqlplus sqplus in a script ssh ssh issue ssh linux redhat serverkeybits stockfish strange string string comparison strings subnet bash substitution substring subtract sudo sunblade swapnil mawle symaccess syntax systemcalls systemd tac tail -f tar tar extract telnet teradata terminal ternary test test command text input text processing time tls tod tr troubleshoot tui twitch ubumtu ubuntu 14.04.3 ultrix ufs uniq unique audio file generation unix unix-like unix advance installations unix and linux forum unix shell bash scripting unix shell scripting unix shell variables unix to linux unzipping on apple os url string filename usb installer usb printing user account users uuid v440 variable variable evaluation variable expansion variable scope vip subscription virtual memory vpn vulnerabilities wake wget while loop while read loop previous value win7pro windows wwn xml xml block search string xmlstarlet xvr-1200 yum zfs zless zones zpools [sdh]

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