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'.' --purge .def files .msg file .profile account expired acl aix aix 5.2 aix 6.1 aix 7.1 aliases ant applescript array auto-save autosys awk awk array awk data processing awk field separator awk grep awk if awk print awk script awk sed perl awk xml aws back reference backup bash bash command bash select batch script for sftp bigdata big file binary file bonding boolean boot bracket buffer c++ c++ in unix calibre case statement centos chess chmod chown cluster column comm command substitition compare 2 text files compare two files compare two files column position coredump c programming cpu create more users in server crontab csv csv formatting curious curl commandline cut cycle through cygwin data recovery date date manipulation delete look up delimiter file unix delimit file desktop dhcp relay directories directory disk disk full disk geometry dlmp dns dnsmasq dos2unix dst duplicate duplicated ebcdic email eme error eth0 excel exec command execute exit from case expect expect script export fgrep fibonacci file file createion filename file redirection files file transfter filter rows find find executable fixed width files floating point arithmetic folder for do done fork for loop for loop shell scripting format formatting fortran freebsd ftp ftping file from unix server to windows garbage-in-garbage-out gawk gcc gmail gnu gnucash gpt can't mount 2nd hdd with mbr grep grep -v group gzip hang hdisk head hmc power7 power8 lpar memory host hosting how to get rid of them how to split a file hp-ux hp unix html html mail body ibm ibm ts3310 if then else increment init insert installation installation problems in terminal interpolate interrupt ip iproute2 ips iptables ipv6 irssi itdt java kernel kernel module kill process killwithin5min klibc korn shell ksh ksh93 ldif linux linux and unix linux server list of words load balancing localhost log file capture logrotate loop loop script lpad ls lvm lvm2 mail make files masquerade memory memory woes merge text files migration missing files mksysb monitoring memory mount multiple multiple coulmns multiple files transfer multiple pattern matching sed mv mx mysql nagios network nfs onvert integer to binary open browser link openssh openstack oracle oracle linux ors output redirect parameter expansion parsing data password passwordless authentication passwordless sftp password never expire password security paste path modification pdb chain identifier pdf percentile performance perl php pipestatus piping pivot power 8 prefix preproceesor directive printf protocol proxy puppet putty pvresize python qos quoting r-solution raid mdadm dstat raspberry pi raw_input rdx reboot recovery redhat regex regular expression anchoring regular expressions relocate remap rhel rhel 7 rngd routing rpm --replacepackages rs rsync ruby scanning scp script sdiff search secure security sed sendmail serial server service sftp sftp connection sftp script sh sha-256 sheel script shell shell bash ksh oracle shell programming and scripting shell quoting shell scipting shell script shell script commands shell script file handling with commands shell scripting shellscripting shred shuffle single single quotes smtp solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.3 solaris11u2 solaris auditing solved solved awk solved sed solved syntax error sort space sparc splitting sql sqlplus sqplus in a script ssh ssh -n ssh aix sshd ssh issue sshkey ssh keyless start streams string strings strlen substr substrin replacement sudo sudo -i suffix sum columns content sunos syntax error system command in awk systemd-timer system variable tapatalk tarball tcpdump tcsh tcshell telnet terminal command tesseract test text editing text files time tomcat log topology tr tunneling ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu 14.04.3 ucds ulimit uniq unix unix & linux - unix commands unix and linux unix and linux forum unix join not in sorted order unix script unix script help... unix scripting bash awk unix shell unix shell script unzip update variable variable evaluation vi vip vip subscription virtualization vnc vsphere vulnerabilities wait while loop while read loop whiptail whitespace windows workaround workload automation wwn xml yosemite zfs pool zsh [solved ]

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