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#sftp #shell #unix #get #delete #upload *buntu aix animal apache archive arguments array array variables assocciative array athlon 64 automated automatically autosys awk awk;printf;counting;time awk array sequential rows pattern awk bash sed awk date wget awk perl bash awk sed column compare awk variable pattern awk_explaination_of_print background processes bash bash script bash scripting bash_history begginer beginner bg blank line bourne shell c++ c-lang camera captcha centos centos 6 cgi checksum child cyber-object chmod cisco clamtk cli closed code column to row combine combine files command evaluation command substitution community compare compare 2 files compiled compiling compression condition configuration copy copy file count c programming cpu load crash cron crontab cryptopp csv csv file csv parsing curious curl cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph date date and time conversion db2 dbpasswords debian debian 8.5 delete delimiter depepndency desktop df dhcp diff command disable user disc disks distribution documentation echo egrep encrypt error handling expect ext4 extract data from textfile extract information ffmpeg fields file file comparison fileexist file manipulation in unix file operations in shell file redirection files filesystems find find tar gzip finger flock fold for loop format formatting fortran gfortran freebsd ftp git gnu grep grep -e grep -v grep 2 words group grouping records group values by first column gzip hard drive hash headers hexdump hpc hp unix html httpd http logs analysis hyper-v hyperdb hypervisor ibm aix ifconfig ilom implicit multiplication inactivity infrarecorder insert text at position install installation interactive script internet ip route ipv6 irq iscsi iso image isolated package java jenkins join journal jvm keyboard kickstart kill command ksh ksh93 printf lamp installation with ansible. solved last modification time laziness ldap ldap authentication line by line linking linux list log out loop loop for m4000 macosx mail man match values md5 memory merging files missing command mksysb monitor mpstat ms-dos text file multiboot solaris windows linux multipath.conf multiple commands multiplication mutt mv mysql need help network network errors networking nfs nohup no space left on device openstack openvas operator precedence oracle oracle function osvr parallel parameter check parameter expansion parent cyber-object parse passphrase passwordless authentication path pattern pattern matching pemission perl permission permissions pid trap sikkill ping6 command pingtest pkill places.sqlite positional parameter posix postfix postfix error print printf problem procmailrc programming project public key python qemu raid random read read command recursion recursive redhat redhat 6.5 linux aws redirection regex regexp regex unix script remote control remote server remote ssh script remove duplicate remove duplicates with in array remove duplicates within array replace a character replace nis report lab repos restore rhdisk rhel 7 rm rpm rsync rsyslogd 7.6.7 san scp script script awk scripting script_html_format search and copy secure notebook security hardening sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk regexp replace select selected lines selinux sendmail sequential combination server setfacl sftp sftp ssh shared file shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell command line arguments shell if statement shell parameter expansions shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shellscripts shell variable shutdown script simulation slurm smf smtp snmp solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solarus nfs solved solved awk solved by reinstalling solaris 11.1 sort spam assassin sparc special characters split sqlplus sql statement logging sqr ssconvert ssh standard library startup script stat stderr stdin string string manipulation style su subshell substitution substr subtract sudo sun solaris 10 swap syslog tar tee terminal command test -f text file text processing timestamp tmp swap hanging crash touch trap ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu snap undocumented unique unix unix & linux - unix commands unix shell bash scripting usb utf-8 to ascii valgrind mismatch free() delete variable variable expansion vi editor virtual box vm vmware vpm wc wget while loop while read loop wildcard pattern matching window windows windows directory path assignment x-forwarded-for xargs xorg xwindows yosemite yum zabbix zombie proces zones zpool

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