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%si "$" (solved) timer 7z 10 @ not working aix aix 7.1 aix7.1 alias android apache array arrays autologin kubuntu autosys awk awk -v fields records awk bash awk command awk list array awk sed background backup bash bash arrays bash globbing bash script bash scripting batch beginning bind boot booting bourne shell bsd c++ c++ in linux cache case cat cat filename|while read line cde ceil centos check child process chrome cisco c language code codelite column command command substitution compare compare fields in files config values congratulations copy copy files core dump count count columns cpu critical section cron cron entries cron jobs crontab job csh cshell csv cups curl cut cut and paste cygwin data database connection date date calculation debian debian jessie directories dns dpkg configure new name to usb-drive drop_caches duplicate duplicates seperator awk echo email enable environment error eval executable exit status expect expect script ext3 extract strings fail fdisk fedora file files file system full find fire firefox foreach for loop for loop error in unix shell script forum forum features forwarding freebsd ftp ftp automation galaxy s5 gcc gcc-tdm gdb geographical distance getline getmail gnu gnuplot grep grep -c grep -f grep based on pattern hacmp hard drive here-documents high utilization hmc hp-ux http humor ifs if statement between array inetsim init.d script install ip networking iptables irq issue java javascript join join files kfreebsd kickstart korn shell ksh ksh and stored procedure kvm lenny5 letter lftp limit line break links linux list liux logfile logo logproc loop ls ls -lh ltm lvm mail mailx make makefile manet match maximum memory merge monitoring mount move msys multiple colored xterms multiple patterns mysql nat native network networking nfs nfs4 nim nmon no line wrapping no match and match noob no such file openlook openssl opensuse operations oracle oracle 11g osx output pam issue parameters parent process parse parsing passive password paste path pattern pattern match pattern matching patterns performance performance tuning perl permutation pfctl php pipestatus pop3 port scanning posix postfix powerha powervm printf print in one line process programming ps python python virtualenv query quotes quoting ramdisk rcp read read a file read conf reading writing properties file recovery redhat regex regular expression remote remote access renaming multiple files replace rfc2307 rhel 6 rsync running shell scripts in parallel samba share scope scp script script error scripting search sed sed - replace text with variable segmentation fault select selection menu sendmail serial connection serial port server setuid sftp sh sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shell script syntax shell variable signal smh software solaris solaris10 solaris 10 solaris 10 boot failure solaris 11.2 solaris11u2 solaris network configuration solve solved solved: solved awk solved thank you all sort sort by column spaces sparc speedup spell checking split split a big file into multiple files sql sqlldr control file. sqlplus sql server ssh stored procedure string string grep strings structure sudo swapping values syntax syntax error system monitoring t2000 tar tar command tcl tcp tee teletype telnet temperature terminal text processing time timercmp tomcat5 windows7 top tr troubleshooting tunneling tutorial typendef unix unix and linux forum unix script unzip updates ups urgent help usb device user users v245 var full variable variable evaluation variable expansion variables variable within variable vector vi editor vio vios vmware vnc vpn vpn routing vx_nospace watch weblogic websocket while loop wildcards win32 wm word word count xargs xcb xml xml parsing xmltocsv xterm -bg -fg pairings zip zones

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