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.. @ not working active activity led aix aix 7.1 android apache arithmetic array arrays autofs autologin kubuntu autosys awk awk -v fields records awk bash awk string regular expresion background background processes backup bash bash arrays bash scripting bash shell scripting batch beginning best vpn monitoring software between date bios bold browsing bsd buffer c++ c++ in linux cache cat cde centos certificates check cisco c language cluster cmd.exe code coding techiques column command command line arguments commands compare config values congratulations copy copy files copy files bash script coredump count c plus equality cpu cron cron entries cronjob cron jobs cross-compile csh csv curl cut dash data date date and time format help debian debian jessie deleting files description dhcp directory disk dns dsr dst duplicate duplicate records duplicates seperator awk echo elinks enable error error files errpt executable ex editor exit status expect expect script export extract data fail fdisk fedora file file delete filenames file offset files find find & delete firefox first steps floating point exception folder reading by multiple programs. for loop error in unix shell script form forum ftp gawk gdb gnu gnuplot google+ grep grep -c grep -f grep awk gtk gtkdialog gui gunzip gzip hacmp heartbeat hmc hp-ux hp-ux csplit hpux html ifs if statement between array if string exists then input install interactive script ip networking ipsec auto disconnect iptables issue java javascript join jre kickstart korn shell ksh ksh arguments ksh getopts kvm last reboot ldom leading letter lftp library limit line break linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux commands list log logproc loop lpar lvm mail mailx make makefile match memory memory allocation memory rules menu merge message mingw minix misandry monitor monitoring mount move multiple files mv mysql ncr unix system v network network administration network device networking newproject nfs nis numeric openssl oracle oracle 11g osx output output formatting parameters parse parsing pass by reference value password paste pattern pattern match pattern matching performance performance tuning perl perl 5.6.1 perl mail html image message php pid ping pinging pipestatus plan 9 pop3 port portmap powerha print printf print in one line process programming pxelinux python python text query rcp read read a file read conf reading line by line reboot recovery redhat regex regular expression regular expressions remote remote access remote control remove remove duplicates remove files rename replace replace a character resumes rfc2307 rhel rhel 6 roles round off rpc rsync run script in parallel in while loop. samba share scom scp script scripting scripts sdiff security sed sendmail sequentially serial port server sftp sh sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell commands shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell script syntax single fine skel slow smh software solaris solaris 10 solaris11 solaris 11 internet access solaris 11.2 solaris to windows - file copy solved solved. this works as expected. thanks solved: solved awk solved keep latest dirs solved sed solved thank you all sort sort by column sort multiple fields spaces sparc split split a big file into multiple files sql sqlplus sql query sql server ssh sshd ssh forwarding ssl status1 stored procedure string string concatenation string grep strings strtok sudo sun sun os suse enterprise linux 12 syntax syntax error tab completion tab delimited file tags tar tar command telnet terminal text processing thread time tl tor tr tui tunneling ubuntu 14.04 unex unix unix and linux forum unix script unix shell unix shell scripting ups urgent help usb device users variable variable expansion variables vector vi editor vim virtual machine vmware vol vpn vpn auto disconnect wait weblogic domains websocket wget while loop wifi wildcards win32 word count xargs xclock xml zip zones

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