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(solved) *buntu 389 directory server add_one_hour_to_date aix aix io 4k vscsi alias alternative always iana ampersand apache arithmetic expansion array array;reverse array array variables assocciative array autosys awk awk -v fields records awk array awk array sequential rows pattern awk array sort awk bash sed awk pattern awk script awk sed perl bash bash select bdf begginer beginner benchmark binary arithmetic blink boot error bourne shell bracket caches canonical cat centos centos 6 cgi checksum child process chmod chown clamav cli code community compare comparision compiled compiler concatenate struct value to char condition configuration conversion copy correct count count frequency of words in text file c programming cpu load cr cron crontab csh csh array c shell csv csv file csv parsing cswpostfix curl curl commandline cyber-object cyberspace situational awareness database date date and time conversion date and time format help dbpasswords debian debian 8.5 deduplication deep learning default gateway delete deletion delimiter file unix differences disks disown distribution dns setting documentation echo egrep elfclass32 elif empty files encrypt environment variables ethernet even fields expect exports extract block of text extract xml attribute values file file comparison file content fileexist filename file redirection files filesystem find find & delete find -exec fold for loop for loop shell scripting format formatting forwardslash freebsd ftp function arguments gnu date syntax grep grep -q grep -v gui gunzip gzip hardware platform details head headers here-document highest version file from list history command hpc hp unix html html parse httpd http logs analysis hyper-v hyperdb hypervisor ibm aix ilom inactive user increment date variable infrarecorder init insert text at position install install aix 5 installation intel hd graphics 4000 internet invalid and missing ip iptables irq iso image java journal juliandate jvm kernel failure keyboard kickstart kill; killproc; process; terminate ksh ldap ldapsearch ldif lines linux linux at command logout log out logrotate problem loop script lpad lsof lvm lvm2 machine learning macros mail relay server man mariadb ubuntu snapshot merge databases merging files mkfs mksysb modification monitoring mount ms-dos text file multiboot solaris windows linux multipath.conf multiple coulmns multiple parameters to functions multiplication mutt mv mysql network network errors networking network manager nohup ntp error solaris zone oracle overwrite pacemaker pacemaker cluster parallel parallel performance parallel processing parameter expansion parent cyber-object passphrase passwd password hide passwordless sftp paths pattern pattern matching pattern matching files pbs pemission performance perl pgrep pid trap sikkill pipelines pivoting table pkg install positional parameter posix postfix postfix mail log printer printf privacy problem connecting project prune python qemu qos raid random read read command recursion redhat refresh regex regexp regular expression matching relocation remote control remove remove number in file name replace nis restore rexec rgmanager rhel rpm rpm --replacepackages rsync rsyslogd 7.6.7 script scripting search search and copy secure notebook security sed sed - replace text with variable select selinux sendmail sequential combination serial server set -o errexit sh shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell bash ksh oracle shell command line arguments shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shell scripting shellscripting shell scripting in sh shellscripts shell script to program shell variables shell while loop shred shutdown script snap snmp solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris audit solved solved awk solved shell sort source file spacing special characters split sqlplus ssconvert ssh ssh2 ssh keys startup stdout su substr subtract sudo sun fire v490 sun os sun solaris 10 synchronize syntax error tail tar tcpdump tee terminal command tesseract text processing timestamp tool touch tr transpose typedef ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ufs undocumented unix unix & linux - unix commands unix scripting bash awk unset update usb utf-8 character replacement utf-8 to iso-8859-1 variable vim virtual box virtual machine virus vm vmware vnc wc webserver wget while loop while read loop wi-fi wildcard pattern matching windows windows 10 windows directory path assignment xargs xml bash shell sed awk xorg xterm yosemite yum zones zsh [solved ]

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