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$_server "$" "solved" -d .tgz aix aix 5 aix 5.3 aix7.1 aix x11 aixpert xhost xmanager alias amiga ancient android ant anyconnect apache application depedency archiving argument passing arguments array arrays ash asterisk attachment attrget automate script automation autorep autosys awk awk date awk error awk multiple tokens backup bash bash script bashscript bash_script batch file bc bin biology boot bootenv boot error botnet botnet map bourne shell buffer bug c++ cache case cat centos cgi change change lvm group name check chpasswdl cluster code column columns combination command compare compare files content theft copy copy files core count coverage c programming c programming coding cpu cron cron jobs crontab csh csv csvprasing cut dallas data date date and time format help date format conversion dd debian decommission delete delete fields df differences disk egrep email email attachment environment error etc lutab eth0 eval eval function expect expect programming expect script extract facing problem in ftp shell scripting faq fedora field fields file file comparisons file creation filename files file transfer filter ips shell filter text find find -mtime firefox firewall folders for do done foreach freebsd ftp function call gawk gcc gcc compiler installation gdb getopts gpio graphics grep grep -v grep sed regular expression gtar hacmp here document hmc hp-ux apa html httpd hypervisor hypervisors ide if loop ignite-ux import inheritance input input file interoperability ipc iptables iptables ipset isosurface java source jenkins ad cli join join files kernel korn shell ksh language c ldom line lines linux linux and unix linux commands locked account loop looping lower case ls lvm lvm2 mail mailx make makefile malloc memory memory usage merge merge files metacharacters mightyframe migration mount mountd move multi-byte multiline multiple multiple files multiple files load mysql network networking newbee nfs nfs4 nim noob numbers openconnect openlook openssl opensuse 13.1 oracle output output redirection package paramaters parse parsing file partition passwd paste path pattern pattern matching percentage performance perfromance perl perl cgi permission permissions php phpmyadmin ping point port knocking posix power8 printf process auditing processor profile deletes profiling tool prompt proxmox proxy ps purify putty python quotes quoting raid ram ramdisk raspberry pi read recursion redhat regex regexp regular expression remove rename multiple files replace replace a string replacing digits restful service rhel root router rpm rsync samba san scheduling scope scp script script from ksh scripting search security hardening sed sed awk sed conditional parsing position line sed substitute sendmail setgid bits sftp sh shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shellscripting shell scripting shell variables slackware slow smh snapshot snmp walk enable and diable soap software management solaris solaris10 solaris 10 solaris 10 login solaris 11 solaris zones solved solved: solved awk sort sorting sovled sparc special character specific split sql sql output sqlplus inside shell sse ssh string su substitution substring sudo sudoers sunos swap swap memory syntax error table tape tee telnet temperature test time top tr tuning uefi unexpected end of file unique unix unix and linux unix critical process unix script unix scripting update url values variable variable expansion variables vios virtualization virtual machines vnc vpn wakeonlan web web services wget while loop window wm wordpress xargs xmgrace xml xml parsing xml sed awk xterm xterminal x window xwindows yum zfs zfs rpool zip

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