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#maxdepth #hp-ux #unix "solved" .jar 2 ext. ip's 11iv3 aix aix 5.3 and 6.1 andy weir append command arguements arithmetic expansion arithmetic syntax error in ksh atime automount awesome awk awk -f awk and sort on difference of fields background job base64 bash bash arrays bash linux bash scripting bg bigip linux blank line blkid blocking boot bottom bsd c++ calendar cde centos chmod chown cifs c language clean closed cmp colors column column manipulation column value command substitution common files compare concatenate configure copy corruption count numbers in range cp cpan cron cron problem number one crontab crontab error csv file curl error current working directory dash data rearranging date date command dbaccess debian delete delete db records dependency error diff disable disk display display 10 to 1 ushing shell programming dns do loop doxygen dox file comments dracut dsl dynamic dynamic condition echo ed egrep emacs emc powerpath emulator expect export extend space extract eyefi field count field splitting file file attributes filename file reading files filesystem filesystem journaling find font for loop fortran fourth octect subtract freebsd fstrim ftp gateway gawk gcc getopts ggrep grep grep -v grep awk gsscred_clean gsub gvim hard hardware maintenance here-document hostname how to open webpage through unix hp-ux hpux html html mail body ibm ifconfig incomplete cron environment informix insert text at position install internet internet; provider iowait ip iptables irc join keep header kerberos kernel keyboard layout kill top 5 memory uses process korn shell kron pipe with wc retuning wrong value ksh ksh arguments variables ksh bash sed awk lan language large files las file leave to me line breaks linux linux and unix linux command list files locale logadm login loop loop for ls lsdev lspath lua lvm mac mail make mcookie memory merge merging mkdev mkdir moderator reminder questions modified date month multi-line mv mx mysql nano nested while loop netapp newfs newline character removal nfs nohup nohup ssh remoteshell nth ntp numpy oneliner one router openbsd openmp openvpn oracle oracle 11g order os x yosemite package parameter expansion password paste path pattern matching and delete patterns pattern search pc perl permissions php pid pkgadd plsql preemptive multitasking print -f printf process ps python qemu raid diagnostics raspberry pi read read i o error reboot reconfig redirection looping issue redirections refused regex remove removed character remove the lines column based replace reverse ssh rhel rhel 6 rhel 6.6 rhel 7 rhel7 rm route get routes rpc rsh rsync samba samba share problem scp scp without ssh keys screen script script awk scripting script scp boot search and print search and replace in a file search an replace in file by position secure security sed sed - replace text with variable sed append sed awk send sendemail sense key sftp sftp client program sftp without ssh keys sh share shell shell bash ksh shell behavior shell commands shell pipelines shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script awk shift shutdown simple smb smh solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 install solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solve solved solved awk solved by updating to 5.0.6 sort sort by file date soved spaces sparc specific character split split a big file into multiple files spying sql sqlplus sql plus ssh ssh linux redhat serverkeybits state string stripping substitution sudo suid sun sun os swacl syslog system call system calls tab tac tail tar extract tcpdump tee terminal test test directories text text editing text to colluns the martian timeout ssh top tr transpose ubuntu unix unix-like unix admin unix alert script unix and linux unix and windows applications unix code unix commands unix script unix shell scripting unix to linux unterminated quoted string unzipping on apple os usb how use unixware usenet user access user account uuid variable variable assignment varyonvg vastool version vmware wget while loop while loop ssh exiting wifi windows windows 8 windows server x11 x11 solaris10 sunos xheaders xargs xml xml file xorg xorg.conf xvr-1200 yum yum conflict zfs zip zone zones

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