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#sftp #shell #unix #get #delete #upload (g)awk 4000_thanks accessing file on physical drive acl add_one_hour_to_date advise adware a film aix alom anchor animal ant build append archive arithmetic expansion arrange array array variables athlon 64 automated automatically awk awk -f awk;printf;counting;time awk array sequential rows pattern awk array sort awk pattern awk variable pattern background backticks backup script bash bash script bash scripting basic. bdf begginer beginner botnet member brace group c++ c++ separate code c-lang captcha cat centos 6 character chat checksum child cyber-object child process chmod chown clementine cloning closed columns columns table unix bash combine comm command line arguments command substitution compare compare columns comparison condition copying char within a file count characters in file counter cpu load create sequence on the basis of records cron crontab csh csv csv file csv formatting csv parsing cswpostfix cut cyberspace cyberspace situational awareness cyberspace situation graph date date and time conversion date command date conversion epoch standard debian default minimum value delete deletion design desktop differences digital fingerprints documentation driver manager duplicate line duplicates echo egrep encryption environment epson excel exclude execl exit expect ext4 extract data from textfile fedora ff ffmpeg fields field seperator file files file sharing across systems file split file transfer find find -exec firefox flock for loop fpmurphy freebsd glob gnu grep grep -e grep or gzip hard disk reclamation hash head hex range history command hpc hp notebook pc html httpd https url hypervisor iconv if statement image implicit multiplication indent indirection inode install interactive script internet inverse range ip route iptables ipv6 irq iscsi 10.20 iso java java calss journal key keyboard keypressed keys kill command ksh ksh function definition lamp installation with ansible. solved last modification time ldapclient ldapsearch letters libraries line-buffered fully-buffered linux linux 6.0 list load balancing in unix loop lvm mac os macosx mail mail attch makefiles mariadb ubuntu snapshot md5 merging files mkdir monitor motif mount movies multiple commands multiple files transfer mysql query name change net-snmp netstat network networking nfs anonymous nl nohup ntp opengraphiti open source project openvms optmization oracle os padding zeros parallel performance parameter expansion parse partially particular column print passwd password passwordless authentication path pattern pattern matching perl pid trap sikkill ping ping6 command playback positions posix utility printf print matches problem process programming prune public key python python xml csv shell qemu qt 4.8 quoting raid read read command reboot redirection reduce the size of a logical volume refinement regex regexp regular expression remote ssh script remove rename replace text replacing bleachbit by hand repos rhdisk rhel6 rhel 7 rhel7 rpm rsync rsync backup sample date looks like this: scanner scp script scripting sd seagate seastat aix secure copy secure notebook sed sed awk sendemail separate fields sequence sequential combination serial server set -f set -n set command sftp sh sha1 shared memory shell shell bash shell bash ksh shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shellscript shell script shell scripting shell scripting in sh shell while loop shrink ext4 size skype sloved slurm snmp sol.ved solaris solaris 8 solaris 8 failures solaris 10 solaris 11.1 solved solved awk solved shell sort sort field sovled sparc ssh ssh2 ssh aix ssh connectivity ssh keyless ssh keys failure standards stderr stdin string string functions strings style subshell subtract sunray sun solaris 10 syslog systemd tag tail tar tee temporary files terminal command test text processing threshold cpu-usage unix aix tilde expansion time timestamp title top troubleshoot type conversion typeset ubuntu 14.04.3 uniq field unique words unity3d unix unix & linux - unix commands unix admin unix and linux unix shell scripting user account utf-8 character replacement utf-8 to iso-8859-1 valgrind invalid read variable variable expansion vim vios wc while read loop wifi card window windows windows 10 windows server x11 xargs xargs v find -exec xgrabbutton xml xmlstarlet xstreamos xterm xwindows yum zombie proces zones zpool

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