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"solved" * abc * .csv 2012r2 2015 active directory aix aix printing logo pcl alias alom applescript arch arithmetic expansion array at jobs autoconf automate copy awesome wm awk awk -f awk bash backslash backup backup script base64 bash bash read bash script bash scripting beginner bg bios blkid blocking bold boot bug c++ cde centos cgi characters charset chown cifs c language classpath client close cluster cmp colors column columns command command substitution comment block of text compare compare files completed the fix compress concatenate condition conditions configure conky monitor copy copy file core dumped cp cron cron problem number one crontab crontab error csv csv file cygwin date date and time conversion date conversions debian debian 8.1 deleting process diff dig directory disabling daylight setting in aix display dns domain controller dracut dsl duplicate dvd content ed efi epoch eval exit code expect external extract eyefi favorite field file filename files filesystem find find -prune for cycle for loop fortran fscanf() ftp ftp server full access game gawk gawk record separator gcc getopts gpg grep grep -e gsub hdd here-document high cpu usage hostname hosts file hp-ux hp ux hpux htaccess html https icon imap install internet; provider iowait ip ipnat irc java java.io.ioexception java redist install anywhere join junk characters keepalived kernel keyboard input keyboard layout keymap korn shell ksh large files ldap group query leave to me led license link linux linux command linux command line logadm login logs loop ls ls command lsi sas 2308 lua mac macintosh mail mailboxes make management md5 memory allocation memory storage merge merging files metronome mkdir module monday multiple mutt mv mysql nat negative operand networking tools newbie newline nfs nfs root permissions nohup nohup ssh remoteshell nsf occurence oneliner openbsd openmp oracle oracle 11g order os x yosemite output package packet sniffing pandas parameter expansion partition password paste path pc performance perl permissions pop preemptive multitasking print printf print value process process state programming proxy proxy server ps python python install python xml csv shell raspery pi read read file read i o error reboot redhat clustering redirect regex regexp remove duplicates remove tailing slash replace reverse ssh reverse ssh prompting for password rhel rhel 6.6 rhel 7 rm row rsync samba samba share problem sco unix scp scp without ssh keys screen script script awk scripting script problem search and print search and replace in a file search file seattle secure sed sed - replace text with variable sed append sed awk sed replace selective sendmail sense key serial communiction server sftp sftp connection sftp put get transfer sftp without ssh keys sh share shell shell bash shell behavior shell commands shell commands help shell pipelines shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script awk shell scripting signals sigttou single fine slice smb smbfs smh solaris solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.2 solved solved- solved awk sort sort by file date sort csv source sparc split split a big file into multiple files sqlplus squid ssh ssh -q remotehost 'bash -s' store string substitution substring sudo sun os sun solaris svn syntax syntax error syslog system call tab tail tail -f monitor head tar tee test text the martian time top total tr traceroute transpose turning off ubuntu unexpected behavior unica unintended result unix unix-like unix admin unix advance installations unix alert script unix and linux unix and windows applications unix code unix commands unix script unix script;unix scripting unix scripting unix shell script variable variable assignment variable filename varyonvg vba perl batch file shell vi vicious vim vps vsftpd webpage wget while loop while loop ssh exiting whois windows windows 7 windows 8 x10sl7-f xargs xml xml file xorg xorg.conf yum update zfs zfs rpool zip zone zones

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