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#1negroup #cmdterminalcommands "solved" active advice aix aix 7.1 alom apache apache2 applescript array array;awk;bash;comparison; assocaite array index audit automate copy autosys awk awk bash awk file matching replace background job background processes backup bash bash arrays bash ascii shell script awk bash cut sed awk bash script batch begin best vpn monitoring software bigdata bios bold bsd bsd 2.11 buffer c++ cache cat cde cde startup files characters check cifs client close cluster cmake column columns command command line commands compare compare files completion compress conditional compiling conditional print congratulations copy copy files count cp c programming cpu cron cron entries cron jobs crontab csh csv curl cut cut and paste cut file cygwin database date dbis debian jessie dig directory dns dst duplicate echo ed email error errpt executable ex editor exit status expect expect script extended ascii fedora fetchmail fgets() file file delete files filter find find -newer foreach forum ftp fun gawk gdal gnuplot google+ grep grep -f grep awk grep based on pattern grid computing gtk gzip hard disk hdisk here documents hmc homework hp-ux hpc hpux hp ux httpd http headers if string exists then if then imap increment infected inode input install interactive script ip networking ipsec auto disconnect iptables issue java java.io.ioexception java redist install anywhere javascript join kernel zones korn shell ksh kvm large file limit links linux linux 6.0 linux and unix linux operating commands linux operating system list localhost log logrotate problem logsave loop losetup ls ls -ltr lssrc lvm mac mail mailboxes mailx make match matrix mawk memory memory allocation memory rules merge mingw monitor monitoring mount move multiple multiple files mutt mv mx mysql nat network network tools new file new to aix nfs nmon no match and match ntp ocfs2 onchange oracle oracle 11g output output formatting pam issue parameters parse parse file parsing pass a long argument password paste path pattern pattern match performance performance tuning perl permissions pfctl php ping pipe delimited file pipestatus pop pop3 port scanning previous minute print print elements of an array printf print in one line privacy process processes program name project proxy server ps put python qemu rcp read read a file reboot redhat redhat clustering regex regular expression regular expressions reiserfs remote access remove remove duplicates rename replace reset rhel rhel 6 rip rm roman letters rsync runtime.getruntime() samba save to file scp script scripting scsi search file search string security sed segmentation fault sendmail server services sftp sftp shell script help sftp without ssh keys share shell shell argument shell bash shell bash ksh shell commands shell commands help shell quoting shell redirection shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell scripting shell script syntax single fine smh snmp software solaris solaris 10 solaris 10 boot failure solaris 11.2 solved solved. this works as expected. thanks solved: solved awk solved keep latest dirs solved sed solved thank you all sort spaces sparc split sql sqlldr control file. sqlplus sql server squid ssh ssh2 sshd ssl stored procedure string string grep strings string to date structure su sudo sudoers sun sun os support syntax syntax error system command system reboot log tar tar command tcp port teletype telnet terminal text processing than you all time total touched tr tui tunneling typendef typeset unex unix unix admin unix and linux unix commands unix find unixodbc unix script ups usb device variable variable expansion variable not found vector vi vio nic vios vmware vpn vpn auto disconnect wait watch webpage wget while loop whois wifi wm wx x11 xargs xlc compiler on linux xml xml parsing xmltocsv zip

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