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#compare #libraries "solved" .tgz @ not working aix aix 5.3 aix 7.1 aix7.1 alias all pc android apache archiving argument list argument passing arguments arithemetic expansion array arrays as400 ash autofs autosys awk awk bash awk exclude rows awk list array awk text processing backup backup script bash bash arrays bash script bash scripting bash script loop bash script variables sed functions batch batch file bind bit boot bootp bsd builtins c++ c++ in unix cache case c code cde centos chrome cisco cisco 2960s c language code column command command line command substitution compare compare fields in files compute avreage with awk control character copy copy and replace copy empty fields copy files core count c plus equality critical section cron cron entries cron jobs crontab crontab job csh cshell csv cut cygwin data date date and time format help date calculation ddos debian debian jessie differences directories dns drop_caches duplicate echo ed email environment error error analysis eval exit status faq fdisk fedora file file delete file extension file extension djvu files file system filesystem space filter text find find & delete find command firefox foreach for loop forum ftp fun galaxy gcc gdb getline getmail gnu gpio grep gtkdialog gunzip ha hacmp hard drive hardware refresh hash function here document hmc hw ibm-i series ide ifconfig ifs if statement between array iftop image init install iphone iptables isilon java javascript join kickstart kill; killproc; process; terminate korn shell ksh kvm large file ldom lftp libraries line break links lint linux linux kernel list livecd log loop ls lvm mail mailx make makefile maximum memory memory issue message metacharacters misandry monitoring mount move multiple multiple colored xterms multiple line manipulation mysql name resolution native network networking nfs nfs file system nic replacement nim noob numbers od openlook openoffice openvpn operator precedence oracle 11g osx output paralell paramaters parameters parse password path pattern pattern mataching and delete pattern matching pattern matching files percentage performance perl perl cgi pfctl php phpmyadmin pid pioneer amplifier plink pop3 posix postfix power8 powerha powervm printf print in one line privileged port process monitor profile deletes programming proxmox ps putty pxelinux python query quotes quoting r11 raspberry pi read read a file record separator recovery redhat regex regular expression remote access remove remove cr remove word rename files rename multiple files replace replace a string replace string in filenames and file restful service rhel 6 rsync rsync backup script scanf scope scp script scripting search sed sed - replace text with variable sed awk segmentation fault sendmail serial connection serial port server sftp sh sha-1 sheel script shell shell argument shell bash shell commands shell commands help shell id bash linux shell quoting shell scipt shell scipting shell script shell script for sqlldr shell script help shellscripting shell scripting shell script syntax shell variable skripting smh snapshot software solaris solaris 10 solaris 11.2 solved solved: solved: sed with and \ and double quotes solved awk solved thank you all sort sort by column sorting spaces sparc specific split split a big file into multiple files sprintf sql sql server ssh static ip stored procedure string structures su substitution sudo swap syntax syntax error table-lookup tar tee teledisk telnet terminal text manipulation text processing time timer timercmp timeradd example to add a pipe in a file tr troubleshooting tui tunneling unix unix access permission unix and linux unix script unix script;unix scripting unix shell unix shell bash scripting unzip unzipping ups urgent help users utf-8 values variable variable evaluation variable expansion variables variable within variable vector vi editor vio vios vnc vpn vscsi wait watch wc while loop while read loop wildcards windows-unix windows 7 wlan0 word count x.25 x.121 x25 x121 xml xml parsing xml sed awk xterm xwindows zip zones

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