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#sftp #shell #unix #get #delete #upload (solved) .mac files .msg file add_one_hour_to_date aix aix 7.1 aix io 4k vscsi alias ampersand apache apache 2.4 arguments array array indexing array variables authorized key automated installation autosys awk awk;printf;counting;time awk array awk bash sed awk date wget awk pattern awk script awk sed column compare awk sed perl background processes bart bash bash select bash symlink benchmark big file blink bonding browsers bsub caches case statement centos centos 6 checksum child cyber-object chmod clamtk classpath cli cluster column replace column to row combine files command commas community compare compare two files column position comparision configuration copy copy file count c programming cron crontab csh csv curl cut cyberspace situation graph cygwin data manupulation date date and time conversion date and time format help debian delimiter file unix depepndency desktop df directory disable disable user disc disk geometry disks disown dns documentation duplicated echo egrep elif email eme emptyline etherchannel even fields event handlers socket exclude execute exit from case expect ext4 extern function delcaration extract molecule from multi-mol2 file fields file comparison filename file redirection files filesystems find findfile finger fips firefox fold for loop format formatting formatting excel for update statement fortran gfortran forwardslash freebsd ftp ftp directory permissions gcc gedit gnome ubuntu linux weird gnu google grep grep -q grep -v grouping records gzip hard disks hexdump highlight how to get rid of them html html parse https hyper-v hypervisor if statement inactivity init insert text at position install installation installation problems intel hd graphics 4000 ip ipa server name ip route ips iptables ipv6 iso image isolated package isql java journal jvm kernel failure keyboard kill command kill process killwithin5min ksh ksh93 printf ldap ldif line by line lines in file linux linux at command locale logrotate loop script lsof lvm lvm2 mail mailx man page mariadb ubuntu snapshot mdadm raid memory merge databases mesos missing command mksysb monitoring multiplication mv mysql network nis obfuscate openssh opera oracle oracle function output redirect pacemaker pam error parallel parallel performance parent cyber-object password passwordless sftp paths pattern pattern matching pattern matching files performance perl php pipe plink script root plsql positional parameter posix postfix postfix mail log print printf procmailrc project provider redirection ps puppet python python indentation raspberry pi read read command recursive redhat regex regexp regular expression matching regular expressions relocate relocation remote ssh script remove duplicate remove duplicates remove duplicates with in array replace replace a character restore reversible revision number rgmanager rhel 7 rm rocks rpm rsync samba script scripting scv2xlsx search search and copy secure secure notebook security sed sed awk regexp replace select sendmail sequential combination serial server set -n setfacl setuid sftp sftp connection sftp script sha-256 shell shell #! shell bash shell bash ksh shell command line arguments shell if statement shell quoting shell scipting shellscript shell script shell script commands shell scripting shellscripting shell script performance issue shellscripts shell script to program smartctl smh smtp snmp soalris solaris solaris 8 solaris 10 solaris 11 solaris 11.3 solaris auditing solarius solved solved awk sort source file soya3d spacing sparc split sqlplus sql statement logging ssd ssh ssh aix sshkey standard library stderr stdin storage streams subshell execution environment substr subtract sudo sun fire v490 syntax syntax error syslog system variable tail tar tensorflow text processing tomcat log tool touch tr trap trigger tweak ubuntu ubuntu 14.04 ubuntu snap ufs undocumented unix unix & linux - unix commands unix join not in sorted order unix script unix script help... unix search and cut unix_programming unset update userid utf-8 to ascii variable variable expansion vim virtual machine vlookup vm vmstat vmware vnc vnc server vpm wc webserver wget while loop while read loop who command wi-fi windows windows directory path assignment wlan wordpress workload automation xargs xml xml parsing xorg xterm zombie proces zones zsh

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