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Sending a break


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Old Unix and Linux 11-17-2004
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Sending a break

Is it possiable to do this. I have a V880 server that I need to get to the ok prompt on.

I telnet to a term server that the Solairs server is connected to so I am really not on the term server though I can access the server and send commands. I sent a command that I need to break and get back to the ok prompt but since I am not connected to the term server <again only access is through telnet to the term server> so I cant send the normal break command we use. Is there another command that I would be able to use to get back to the ok prompt?
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Old Unix and Linux 11-17-2004
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Are you connecting to port A serial port and this server has no console (headless)? If so, then you have to find the way break is sent by the software you are using.

If you are not connected to a headless server on port A, then you can't send it a break.
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Old Unix and Linux 11-17-2004
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Actually, I think there is probably some way to do this. The telnet protocol defines a way to send a break. And your telnet client should have a way to do that. Read the docs for your telnet client. With unix telnet clients you typically type your escape char to get a telnet prompt. Then the command is "break" or "brk" or something like that.

But that just sends a break to the terminal server. Maybe the terminal server will propogate the break down the line. So I would try this first. If it doesn't work, then you need to refer to the docs for the terminal server. There will probably be some sequence to do it.

On one terminal server we have here it's
where <cr> is the enter key. Then it asks "are you sure?" or something. Then you gotta type "YES" and press return again. But this is hardly universal.
Old Unix and Linux 11-17-2004
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A V880 comes with a LOM port as well. When you get to the console prompt via your console connection type "#." and see if you get a lom> prompt. Type 'help' and you will see a ton of commands. Unfortunately I don't think any will send a break but they will let you cycle the power and such.

Typically with telnet you can type ctrl-] to get to the telnet> prompt. From there you should be able to type 'send brk' which may bring your system to the ok prompt depending on what state it is in.

Do you have more details on your console? Is it Annex, Digi, etc?
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Old Unix and Linux 11-21-2004
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The V880“s LOM has a feature to access the OK Prompt by sending a break.

Once in the LOM you can type "break" and a "SC Break send" Message or so will appear. Then you are in the OK Prompt over the SC Card via the LOM

hope this helps

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