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Move command problem

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Old Unix and Linux 02-15-2008
srivishnu_253 srivishnu_253 is offline
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Move command problem

In my shell script I am searching a log file, creating a directory and have to move the searched logfile into the directory.This is the way I wrote:

ZIP_LOG_FILE=`find . -name "${LOG_FILE}" -print0| xargs -0 tar zcf FILE`
mkdir temp_log
mv -f ${ZIP_LOG_FILE} temp ....

this is a piece of the script....and I get this error:
mv: missing destination file operand after `templog'
Try `mv --help' for more information.

What could be wrong??......
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Old Unix and Linux 02-15-2008
fimblo fimblo is offline
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to answer your question about mv- your first param which is a variable is probably empty, resulting in a mv expression with only one parameter. Thats why its complaining.

I'd write it in another way, try this:

saved_ifs=$IFS; IFS='
for $file in $(find $search_here -type f -name "$LOGFILE" ) ; do
  mkdir -p $savedir
  mv -f "$file" $savedir

If you dont need to worry about filenames with whitespaces in them, you can remove the first, second and last line.

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