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Get the input from user and save it as .txt file

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input from user and save it as .txt

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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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Get the input from user and save it as .txt file

Hi friends,

I am pretty new to shell scripting, please help me in this Scenario.

for example, If I have one file called input.txt

once I run the script,

1.It has to delete the old input.txt and create the new input.txt (if old input.txt is not there, no offence, just it has to create a new one)

2. User has to paste the IDs (multiple line IDs) in the input.txt as a input.

3. once User Enter the input, it has to save the input.txt.

please help me in that. Thanks in advance. SDorry for my English
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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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  • Just overwrite the old file with a redirection like echo "" > input.txt
  • Read input with a prompt can be achieved with read. Else could use positional shell parameters of the shell like $1, $2, ...
  • For writing input.txt, redirect as said.

Try it, show your efforts. Ask if you get stuck showing your code.
According to your code in post http://www.unix.com/shell-programmin...only-once.html you should be able to get a start going.
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Old Unix and Linux 07-10-2013
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cat > file

Then paste the ID's and press ctrl-d when finished,
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