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Looking for an alternative to Tcl

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Old Unix and Linux 06-02-2013
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Looking for an alternative to Tcl

I've created quite a collection of tcl scripts which have buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, text fields, etc. These tcl scripts in turn call and execute several hundred sh, csh, bash, perl scripts and pass in the args based on the gui selections on the same and other redhat machines. We're switching to a set of machines which does not have tcl and I'm not allowed to add it.
I'd like to keep all my shell scripts and find another gui writing tool. I'm a pretty good scripter but an no programmer or coder by any stretch of the imagination. All the alternatives I've looked at look like coding. Any suggestions for a package that allows for quick gui building which can call and pass args to all my shell scripts?
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Old Unix and Linux 06-02-2013
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I think you mean Tcl/Tk not Tcl. Tcl does not have buttons or other graphical widgets per se. As for switching to another toolkit similar to Tcl/Tk, surely you will run straight into the "it is not installed by default" problem again.
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Old Unix and Linux 06-03-2013
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Even things like Perl and/or Python with Tk is not as easy as Tcl/Tk. Nowadays everything is going browser based, maybe you should focus on a javascript toolkit (??) and go that route (?).
Old Unix and Linux 06-03-2013
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Perhaps you can build TCL locally, and just keep it in your own folders.
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Old Unix and Linux 06-03-2013
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This is some more info on alternatives to tcl/tk:
Alternative GUI toolkits
TclPro Alternatives and Similar Apps - AlternativeTo.net
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