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Fixed width file search based on position value

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Old Unix and Linux 03-07-2013
onesuri onesuri is offline
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Fixed width file search based on position value

I am unable to find the right option to extract the data in the fixed width file.

sample data 

hujk9876       io xgla
dkfj9098           dja

Search based on position 8-9="xg" and print the entire row


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Old Unix and Linux 03-07-2013
anbu23's Unix or Linux Image
anbu23 anbu23 is offline Forum Advisor  
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$ awk ' substr($0,9,2) == "xg" ' file

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Old Unix and Linux 03-07-2013
RudiC RudiC is offline Forum Staff  
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The position of "xg" is 9-10 despite the phrasing in the spec. Try
$ grep -E "^.{8}xg" file

$ sed -En "/^.{8}xg/p" file

Old Unix and Linux 03-07-2013
ctsgnb ctsgnb is offline Forum Advisor  
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grep ^........xg yourfile
egrep ^.{8}xg yourfile

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rbatte1 (03-07-2013)
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Old Unix and Linux 03-07-2013
rbatte1 rbatte1 is offline Forum Staff  
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Dear ctsgnb,

What a fantastic and concise coding technique. I've fought with this for years, often cobbling some terrible script round it.


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