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Script to move files in multiple folders

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Old Unix and Linux 01-19-2013
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Script to move files in multiple folders

Hello all,

I would appreciate any help to write a script. I have folder A which contains over 30 thousands xml files, I would like create multiple folders and move those files (500 in each folders).

Thank you
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Old Unix and Linux 01-19-2013
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Here is a bash script:


c=1; d=1; mkdir -p dir_${d}

for xml_file in *.xml
        if [ $c -eq 501 ]
                d=$(( d + 1 )); c=0; mkdir -p dir_${d}
        echo mv "$xml_file" dir_${d}/
        c=$(( c + 1 ))

Note: Remove the highlighted echo if the output looks good.
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