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How to remove ^I character from a UNIX file ?

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Old Unix and Linux 11-30-2012
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How to remove ^I character from a UNIX file ?


When i used :set list in vi , i have seen a lot ^I characters in my file. Could anyone please help me how to remove this characters ?

Issue : When i used awk to combine two file (one of the file has ^I characters) then my output is different than what am expecting, one of column being truncated.

Any help is much appreciated
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Old Unix and Linux 11-30-2012
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They're tab characters. Without seeing any of your code I can't say how you might otherwise get around your problem, or why it's even causing a problem, or whether removing them or replacing them would help.
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Old Unix and Linux 11-30-2012
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^I is the <TAB> character, separating fields in your file. You cann deal with it from within awk, e.g. by setting <TAB> as the field separator or by removing it when working on a line. You can enter it using "\t" in most awk implementations.
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