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Shell script to transfer file via SFTP

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Old Unix and Linux 11-15-2012
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Shell script to transfer file via SFTP

Hi all,

I'm trying to do a script to transfer file between my server and an external server via SFTP protocol. It doesn't use rsa key, but password.

When I run the script, it throw back a prompt that request me to put the password. How should I do for automatic login? Pleaes help Linux

Thanks you in advance

log_file = ./pom_log
sftp -oport=40 $user@$ip << EOF >> $log_file
quote ${pass}

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Old Unix and Linux 11-15-2012
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Try searching the forums. There are several answers that you can use.
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Old Unix and Linux 11-15-2012
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You should not be trying to inject plaintext passwords into sftp. That it's so difficult to do is actually a subtle hint, writ in mile-high flashing neon letters, that it's a really, really bad idea. Retrievably-stored passwords are almost impossible to keep safe. "Interactive password authentication" means "Password typed by a human being in realtime authentication" and no artificial substitutes for humans are acceptable. It insists on it being input to a terminal.

Use ssh keys, that's what they're there for.
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