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Attach file in mailx command

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Old Unix and Linux 05-10-2011
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Attach file in mailx command

I want ot send a mail with aatach a file for this i have tried

mailx -s "COMPLETED: deal.sh" -a root/usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out me@nowhere

uuencode /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out | mailx -s "COMPLETED: deal.sh" me@nowhere

but of command is not working. so is there any otner way to send a mail with attachment.

Thanks in advance

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Attach file in mailx command Please use [CODE] tags when posting command lines, listings, ...

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Old Unix and Linux 05-10-2011
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uuencode /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out | mailx -s "COMPLETED: deal.sh" me@nowhere
First reaction is to give the attachment a valid MS-DOS name.

uuencode /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out myattach.txt | mailx -s "COMPLETED: deal.sh" me@nowhere

And to consider converting the attachment to MS-DOS format.

ux2dos /usr/local/bin/sched/nightly_Cronjob/test.out | uuencode myattach.txt | mailx -s "COMPLETED: deal.sh" me@nowhere

Failing that, please mention what Operating System and Shell you are using and describe what happens.

Does mailx without an attachment work?
What mail reader are you using?

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Old Unix and Linux 05-10-2011
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This question has been asked so often it has it's own FAQ section here. Please use the search feature first, especially for questions that everyone sooner or later encounters.
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Himanshu_soni (05-10-2011)
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