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Auto run script on USB device

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Old Unix and Linux 10-19-2010
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Auto run script on USB device

Okay I want to write a script that I put on a jump drive. And when you plug the USB in this script executes. How would i go about doing this? I don't care what the program does right now. I just want to know how this would be done. Any ideas?
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Old Unix and Linux 10-19-2010
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Will the computer your intending to run this from have a shell to execute your script? If not you will need to put a copy of the shell on the USB drive too.

Use autorun.inf:

open=ksh -c myscript
action=Invoke MyScript in ksh shell
label=My USB Application

Note: This is a popular way for viruses to propagate themselves, so a lot of computers are now setup to not autorun USB devices. This may mean you user will still need to manually start the script so it's probably best to put a shortcut that does that for them (eg Setup.lnk or Install.lnk).
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Closed Linux or Unix Question

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