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perl (conky) and gmail/IMAP unread message count

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conky, conky monitor, gmail, imap, perl, smtp

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Old Unix and Linux 07-25-2009
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perl (conky) and gmail/IMAP unread message count

Hi all,
I use Conky monitor (Conky - Home) for my laptop and I needed a script to see the count of new messages on gmail/IMAP, then I made this small perl script
(I hope they can be useful to someone Linux)



# gimap.pl by gxmsgx
# description: get the count of unread messages on gmail imap

use strict;
use Mail::IMAPClient;
use IO::Socket::SSL;

my $username = 'example.username'; # example.username@gmail.com
my $password = 'password123';

my $socket = IO::Socket::SSL->new(
   PeerAddr => 'imap.gmail.com',
   PeerPort => 993,
  or die "socket(): $@";

my $client = Mail::IMAPClient->new(
   Socket   => $socket,
   User     => $username,
   Password => $password,
  or die "new(): $@";

if ($client->IsAuthenticated()) {
    my $msgct;

    $msgct = $client->unseen_count||'0';
    print "$msgct\n";


on crontab:
* * * * * ~/scripts/gimap.pl > ~/.email/gimap.ct

on conky file configuration (~/.conky/conky.conf):
${color1}E-mail: ${color2}gmail ${color1}(imap): ${color3}${execi 20 cat ~/.email/gimap.ct} ${color2}new

conky screenshot:

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