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Help on Ssh using sudo


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Old Unix and Linux 08-18-2014
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Help on Ssh using sudo

I'm confused in the configuration of sudoers for one group of users.
The users need to execute a app from a remote machine, in this local machine they want me to allow ssh for them using sudo
for eg. sudo -u admin ssh -X euadmin@<IP address of remote> <remote script which opens a gui>

It should work, so in the sudoers file I added this

Cmnd_Alias    MGW_SSH = /usr/bin/ssh *-X euadmin@<IP address of remote> <remote script which opens a gui>*

The problem with this is that even though this group of users were able to execute the application to open the GUI, but this opens up a security hole where the users are able to ssh to any server using the admin role like sudo -u admin master would work perfectly and the user is able to log into other servers without password I don't want this to happen.

Is there a way I can restrict these users only to run ssh for a specific server? I did search a bit but couldn't find a proper solution, so thought of contacting the expert.


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Old Unix and Linux 08-18-2014
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You are going about this all wrong. Give everyone his own account. On each system, create an admin group. Give the admin group root power via sudo by adding a line to sudoers like this:


If a user should be able to access a system at all, add his private account to that system. If he needs root access as well, add his account to the admin group. Now he can log on to the box and them use sudo to obtain root authority.
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