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SCO Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) was a software company based in Santa Cruz, California which was best known for selling three UNIX variants for Intel x86.



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Old 08-24-2006
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I am having two servers both having same version of sco unix 7.1.4 and the network was fine till some days back. There was a power cut off and the both the servers were forced to go off abnormally. Since then i m having problem with one of the server. the problem is i can connect from one server to another but i cannot connect from my clients i.e win xp machines. when i say ping i m getting .

Reply from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx : bytes=32 .....
Request timed out
Request timed out
Request timed out
basically i m getting one line as connected ..

how do i sort this , there is lots of data on the server , i want to skip the reinstallation ..
please advice as soon as possible.
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