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path of the kernel...

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Old Unix and Linux 01-08-2009
Amol21 Amol21 is offline
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path of the kernel...

Can anybody tell me the default path of the Linux kernal & the Unix kernal as well?

How can we install/update the patches for it?

Your help is appreciated..
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Old Unix and Linux 01-09-2009
pludi's Unix or Linux Image
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  1. It's kernel, not kernal
  2. Location: differs for each variant of UNIX there is. On Linux usually /boot
  3. Install/Update: Check with your supplier/distribution
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Old Unix and Linux 01-09-2009
csorhand csorhand is offline
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pludi is right it is in the /boot and it is named as vmlinuz-xx-xx depending on your platform.

You can patch using rpm -Ivh <kernel package> just make sure you get the kernel package at your distributor / vendor.

Please note that I use the rpm -ivh command to make sure that you will install new kernel not update so that you can just remove it if the kernel you installed is not stable for your system.

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