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Configuring the SSH keys..

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Old 03-26-2013
NelsonC NelsonC is offline
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Configuring the SSH keys..

I am currently working on setting up a server to scp some files over for backup purposes.

Server 1 - Bob (Appliance)
Server 2 - Sana (RH 5)

Server 1 -
1 - Generated RSA2
2 - Collected the public key to be input on the backup server = Sana

Server 2 -
1 - This is were I am stuck the procedure for configuring the SSH keys varies depending on your server type, but I only have one public key, all guides I seem to come accross reference private, public, chain.. any advice?
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Old 03-26-2013
Corona688 Corona688 is offline Forum Staff  
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The client side needs the public and the private key.

The server side needs only the public key, usually appended to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
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Old 03-26-2013
bitlord bitlord is offline
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The public key goes in the ~/.ssh/autherized_keys and when you connect with ssh, ssh will add the server to your known_host file.

If you want a 2 way connection then you need to create a key on both servers and then give the public key from each server to the other.

Some useful links.
My Techie Guy: How to Set up SSH-KEYs between 2 Unix Servers (Solaris 10)? – Step by Step
Configuring Solaris Secure Shell - System Administration Guide: Security Services
Old 03-27-2013
mkeyes001 mkeyes001 is offline
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also verify directory/file permissions, incorrectly set will not allow the use of ssh keys. ~/.ssh should be 700, and the authorized_keys file 600
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Old 03-31-2013
freebird8z freebird8z is offline
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If you mean NetApp appliance when you refer Appliance, then you need to go to following location to setup passwordless authentication:

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