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Want to unblock port for particular site

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Old 01-29-2013
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Want to unblock port for particular site

Dear All

We have one Centos Server on Asterisk platform.We are trying to open one particular site from client machines which is our client portal.We have to upload data on that.When we trying to open that site somewhere its blocking and not opening.We did tracert and found one router down outside india.Did emailed to our ISP and they said its our server issue.I Tried to open that site with Data card and its working fine.Please let me know how can i check which port is blocking.

Thank You
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Old 01-29-2013
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Is iptables running on the machine?

iptables -L -n

If so, you'll need to write a rule to grant access - you might have OUTPUT rules.

You can quickly test if iptables is to blame by (temporarily) disabling it, and telnetting to the destination server on the appropriate port.

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Old 01-29-2013
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Without even little knowledge of your network infrastructure, I don't think it's possible to just hand out the solution.

Please let us know how your clients are connecting to the server. Is there any external firewall in between? Which port are you trying to open? When you say "site", do you mean "website"?
Old 02-08-2013
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Check whether the port has been enabled through firewall.
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