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how to undo the last installed update on fedora.

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Old Unix and Linux 09-15-2009
ramky79 ramky79 is offline
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how to undo the last installed update on fedora.

Hi All,
I'm a newbie to system administration, I'd like to know how to check the logs (what update was installed last) , and I'd like to know how to undo the last update on the fedora 9 system ( kindof an equivalent to system restore in windows).
I have a HP 22 inch monitor, when I installed fedora core 9 the font and icons on the desktop were good to see and acceptable, after some updates installed on the system the font and icons on the desktop have increased significantly, I want to undo this and go back to the previous settings.
I have tried to reduce the screen resolution , but unfortunately I'm unable to do this.
btw my motherboard is a nvidia motherboard.

thanks for looking,
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Old Unix and Linux 09-15-2009
jim mcnamara jim mcnamara is offline Forum Staff  
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Linux does not have restore points. Unlike Windows you should use a tool like Acronis to backup your system, you can even use dd if you want. After the backup then apply the update.

To revert, you restore the backup. Linux had advantages over Windows, but this is not one of 'em.
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Old Unix and Linux 09-15-2009
pludi's Unix or Linux Image
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If you've got the root filesystem on a LVM logical volume, and have space left in the volume group, you can do a snapshot, and restore to that if you don't like the update.
Old Unix and Linux 09-15-2009
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Also, I think this may be a case where you are using a hammer to turn a screw. You may not have to undo your changes when you can perhaps restore your earlier settings to the GUI.

Run this command:


as root.
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