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writing a shell program in ubuntu


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Old Unix and Linux 11-21-2010
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writing a shell program in ubuntu

Hi all,

I have an assignment from school to write a shell program in linux. the idea is to exercise fork() and execv() functions.. the shell program is supposed to be the master and every command that the user prints will run in a new process. we also need to try running the command in every path from the enviroment variable PATH.

for some reason, the execv function isn't working.. any idea what i'm doing wrong?

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
int main()
 pid_t pid;
 char *sh="Shell>";
 int i,pathindex=0, ret;
 char line[80];   // getting the user prompt
 char *paths[20]={"NULL"}; // 20 values path array
 char *currentpath, *path;  // current path to execute in   
 while (currentpath!=NULL)
   paths[pathindex]=currentpath; // filling the paths array
   currentpath=strtok(NULL,":"); // from enviroment variable
   pathindex++;   // PATH.
 printf("\n\nShell Program (OS Course)\n");
 while (1)
   arg[0]=strtok(line," ");      // getting command
   if (strcmp(line,"leave")==0) exit(0);
   for (i=1;i<10;i++) arg[i]=strtok(NULL," "); //getting command arguments
   while (paths[pathindex]!=NULL)
    if ((pid=fork())<0)
     printf("Error: Couldn't fork\n");
    if (pid==0)
    printf("trying to run %s in %s\n",arg[0],paths[pathindex]);
     if (ret==-1) exit(1);
    else { wait(); pathindex++; }
 return 0;

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Old Unix and Linux 11-21-2010
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Closed Linux or Unix Question

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