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Track user activity on Unix


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Old 11-05-2008
jayfriend jayfriend is offline
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Track user activity on Unix

Hi All,

I will be glad if you could throw me some light on the following.

1) How do I track/log the user activity on my unix/ linux machine, I would like to track all the commands issued by the user right from the login & passwd.

2) I would like to know who has tried to access the system, what was the login & passwd that they used (both success & failure login attempts), what was the application that they used to access the system such as telnet, ftp, ssh etc.

Thanks in advance
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Old 11-06-2008
demwz demwz is offline
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there are many ways. ask mr google for "audited shell". some are commercial some are free. some are secure some are not.
you realy dont want to see the users password but you can track logins with last and various logfiles authlog messages depending on your sylog configuration.
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Old 11-06-2008
funksen funksen is offline Forum Advisor  
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you can configure syslog to log security messages to a file, /var/log/security is default on red hat

see man rsyslogd or man syslogd for configuration

last as mentioned is a good common tool for checking logins
you don't see the passwords of course, and I'm not going to tell you how to trace login passwords...

a very nice tool for tracing commands is sudosh, where you can see every keyboard input, such as backspace and so on, and you can play this in 1:1 speed like a movie
don't use it in a company, depends on local law if legal or not
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