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HP-UX Password reset


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Old Unix and Linux 05-07-2012
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HP-UX Password reset

Hi Experts,

Recently requirement came from one of the users to reset the password of his account becuase password was expired.

However, what he wanted from me is to reset it to same password (old password which he was using previously to login) becuase if password changes he needs to restart some application services which he didn't want to do at that point of time.

Being a normal user, he cannot reset the passsword to the same password becuase system was not allowing it.

My question here is

Which paramters in password protected database I need to change so that user can continue login using the same password?

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To Add more information,

account was not locked at that time,only password was expired.

And using passwd command it was not allowing to change the password to same as previous one.. Linux
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Old Unix and Linux 05-07-2012
joeyg's Unix or Linux Image
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Are you the admin?

The question is strange, since if you are the admin then you would have set this condition. Suggest you research security command(s) and password policy.
You may find that your system has a security file present, that would contain this and other settings.

Lastly, password changing policies exist for a reason - and may be part of corporate compliance. Therefore, not necessarily a good thing when you try to run around the policy.
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Old Unix and Linux 05-07-2012
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If you are an experienced HP-UX unix administrator it is possible to remove the password expiry requirements for a single user on a non-trusted system by editing the passwd file (using the vipw command) and removing the expiry fields (those from and including the comma on in the password field). Always copy /etc/passwd before any edits and leave at least one extra session logged in as root in case of problems. Always run the pwck command after editing the /etc/passwd file .
Old Unix and Linux 05-20-2012
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I think if you have tried to reset it with the root account, and providing the old password, the system will accept it.
In this case, you can issue the
passwd user
and let him enter the old password (If he is beside you, or you can have a short visit to his office)
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