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How to remove ^M from the EOL?


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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2013
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How to remove ^M from the EOL?

The only way I know of is manually as follows:
To remove for example ^M from a file:
- vi the file name that has ^M at the end of each line.
- Hit <Esc>
- Type :g/
- Hold the CNTRL key and press V and M then release the CNTRL key At the buttom you should see this by now: :g/^M
- Then type /s///g at the end of the line. You should see this g/^M/s///g now.
- Hit <enter>. All ^M at the end of each line should go away by now.
- Save the file and exit.

Good luck
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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2013
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That ^M control-M is a CR (carriage return).

As per ASCII table the octal code for CR is 015. So we can remove it using below sed:

sed 's/'"$(printf '\015')"'$//g' inputfile > outputfile

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Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2013
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Knowing that AIX is a bit tight when it comes to generic and versatile tools, I still would like to propose any of recode, iconv, and dos2unix, which all can do more than just deleting the ^M at EOL. tr would help as well.
Old Unix and Linux 04-02-2013
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tr should be present on any UNIX, while dos2unix is rare.

tr -d '\r' < inputfile > outputfile

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