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LV split...



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Old Unix and Linux 03-26-2013
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[Solved] LV split...

Hi all, I have a strange problem that I have finally given up on and thought id start hitting the forums.. Any help is greatly appreiciated.

I have recently attached two new physical disks to my system and created a new volume group which inlcude these. My aim, is to create a logical volume of 800 PP's spread evenly across the two disks, this would match another LV that I have.

At the moment,

#lslv -m test_lv

LP    PP1  PV1               PP2  PV2               PP3  PV3
0001  0193 hdisk7
0002  0194 hdisk7
0003  0195 hdisk7
0004  0196 hdisk7


What I am after is:

LP    PP1  PV1               PP2  PV2               PP3  PV3
0001  0052 hdisk4
0002  0052 hdisk5
0003  0049 hdisk4
0004  0053 hdisk5
0005  0053 hdisk4

With an even spread across both disks, putting 400 PP's on 1 disk and 400 on another. Initially I thought this was a stripe setting, however there appears to be nothing set !?

Thanks for any help, D

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Little bit more messing about and I have solved it..

 mklv -c 1 -e x -d p -r y -u 2 -x 1024 -s s -y test_lv testvg 400

Just incase anyone has something similar.

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Old Unix and Linux 03-26-2013
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From memory, it is the -e x that spreads the volume group as much as possible over the disks listed. If you are trying to do a "poor mans stripe", i.e. trying to maximize i/o over multiple disks - you should also consider using the -t and -s options when creating the volume group (mkvg command)
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