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Errpt sensitivity to tape libraries


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Old Unix and Linux 02-05-2013
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Errpt sensitivity to tape libraries

Hello all,

Hoping someone can simply comment. I have numerous AIX servers attached to both physical and virtual tape libraries. errpt on these servers always seems to be generating error messages with respect to NICs and HBA's + other stuff. I'm being told this is normal because AIX is "sensative" to libraries. I'm not sure I accept that as an answer. Ideally, I would like a clean errpt. Right now I'm desensatized to what's in errpt.
Old Unix and Linux 02-05-2013
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No this is not normal.

You do have a problem, you are correct, and this does need looking into and fixing.

The odd single error every month or two is probably nothing to worry about unless it's always the same type of error, anything else should be tracked down and fixed or, as you say, you become desensitized and then anything could be creeping up to make a right old mess and debugging will be a nightmare because of all the flack you've been ignoring!
Old Unix and Linux 02-11-2013
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Long time since I have been able to use tape. Most common cause of sensitivity errors I had was not cleaning the tape head.

Might want to have someone verify that the tape heads are being cleaned regularly AND that approved cleaning materials/tapes are being used.

Hope this helps.

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