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how to remove sudo access from a user ?


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Old Unix and Linux 10-05-2012
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Tools how to remove sudo access from a user ?

Hello Folks,

I need help on removing sudo access on one id but first of all, can i confirm that the user below is having sudo access ?
if he did have sudo access, how to remove ?

alrsprd3:root-/etc> more sudoers | grep fzcx0l
fzcx0l  ALL=(ALL) ALL

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Old Unix and Linux 10-05-2012
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It certainly looks like it.

Use visudo to comment out or remove that line.
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Old Unix and Linux 10-07-2012
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Corona is right (do NOT edit "/etc/sudoers" directly, always use "visudo"), but the real question is not "how to remove these rights", but "how did he get them in first place?"

A user having this kind of "free pass for all" - even more so individually and not via a group - looks like a severe security breach to an outsider like me. You should take away the rights but also investigate how it was possible to get them in first place - and shut down this possibility immediately.

Just my 2 cents.

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Closed Linux or Unix Question

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