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VIO Server


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Old Unix and Linux 10-11-2012
AchmedLachned AchmedLachned is offline
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In my VIO, /usr/bin/tee is missing execute for "others":

$ ls -l /usr/bin/tee
-r-xr-xr--    1 bin      staff          4318 Mar 12 2010  /usr/bin/tee

bootinfo is missing all "other" bits:

$ ls -l /usr/sbin/bootinfo
-r-xr-x---    1 bin      bin           14276 Jun  8 2011  /usr/sbin/bootinfo

Since we didn't modify that and its in all VIO-servers, this must have been modified by IBM's VIOS updates Linux

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VIO Server Use code tags, see your PMs.

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Old Unix and Linux 10-11-2012
The_Moves The_Moves is offline
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Hmmm, ill have to check some of my other VIOs to see what their permissions are on /usr/bin/tee as i only checked my other server.

I do believe that, in the case lf a upgrade from a previous VIOS version, some files which are touched per the upgrade may inherit the permissions of the directory your installing from.
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