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Request per second script

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Request per second script.
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You have given us no indication of where the Date/time is in an input line in your log files. You have given us no indication of where the "requests per second for this log" appears in an input line in your log files, nor what a line in your input log files represents. Your command line seems to only be looking for entries that occur on a certain date, but your description says nothing about looking for a specific date. You talk about maximum requests/second, but nothing in your pipeline seems to be making any attempt to find a maximum value in any of the individual input files nor in the combined aggregation of input files.

I could make lots of guesses about what you might be trying to do and what your data format(s) is(are), but it would be MUCH better if you would clearly describe your input file format(s), show us a couple of sample input files, and show us the exact outputs that should be produced from those sample inputs.